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    For Sale Racing Beat Exhaust for Mazda CX-5 GT 2017

    can anyone confirm the RB cx-5 axle back and mazda 6 axle back are interchangeable? I read on one of the forums that it is but I cant seem to find that post again.
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    Exhaust decision between CS and Tanabe

    Hey guys, I want to get an axle back exhaust for my 6 and I cant decide between Corksport and Tanabe. Ive seen vids of both and read reviews as well but was hoping to get feedback from people who have these exhausts. My biggest concern is cabin noise which is something most people dont talk...
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    For Sale Racing Beat Exhaust for Mazda CX-5 GT 2017

    I've heard that the cx5 and mazda 6 axle back are interchangeable. Can you confirm this by any chance?
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    OEM LED 2016 GT tail lights for 1st gen CX5

    Willing to let these go for $500 plus shipping, under 20k miles and plenty of life left in them. Excellent condition lights to upgrade your standard CX-5 tails.
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    For Sale Racing Beat Exhaust for Mazda CX-5 GT 2017

    I may be interested, do you have pictures of the exhaust?
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    2019 Mazda 3 GT leather oem shift knob

    Hey guys, looking to sell my 2019 Mazda 3 shift knob. Nothing is wrong with it, I just prefer heavier shift knobs. It's practically brand new, only been on the car for a few weeks and shows no sign of wear. I did my research before posting this knob, it retails for $180 from Mazda directly...
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    2018/19 Mazda6 front bumper trim replacement

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has experience changing out the trim on the bottom of the front bumper of the 6. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please look at the picture attached. I am purchasing the chrome trim to replace the piano black but I'm not sure if screws hold it in or...
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    2018+ NA parts from corksport

    Hey guys, Corksport is focusing heavily on the turbo version of the 6 due to lack of inquiries. If interested in aftermarket parts for the non turbo 6, please let corksport know. I've been in contact with corksport over the few parts they have released for the 2018+ Mazda 6 but they are not...
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    Mazda announces end of manual transmission in Mazda 6

    2018 mazda 6 manual here, I've had 3 mazdas in manual in the past and have never driven one as smooth and effortless as this car. When I first came across this I was happy to be one of the few to own a manual with the updated body style but saddened because this is one of the most enjoyable cars...
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    2018 mazda6 non turbo air intake

    I don't notice much of a difference honestly and I barely drive past 4k RPMS but no codes and steady throttle. I was wondering about the airbox as well, I feel like it would fit the engine compartment since it looks identical to my previous 6 but corksport will not confirm unless someone tries...
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    2018 mazda6 non turbo air intake

    ** update ** installed the CorkSport 2.5 intake for the 2014-17 Mazda 6, no codes upon start up or driving around the neighborhood. As of now Id say its safe to use for anyone wanting to upgrade their intake on their 2018 6