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    2013~2016 2016 CX-5 GT suspension side to side swing

    if you can, have someone drive the car on bumpy roads and watch the back wheels. if they are bouncy, the shocks are gone.
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    Smoother Suspension Possible?

    mazdas have a stiffer ride, for better handling. you may want to test drive a rav 4 or crv and see the difference
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    2013~2016 On the fence... 2016 rav4 vs cx-5.

    Both are reliable, both r good cars. Rav 4 suspension was a bit stiffer than cx5 but cx5 handled better. I like the Rav 4 seats better, back seat is bigger also. So it's down to personal preference. Take a long test drive in both to see what u like.
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    2016.5 suspension noise, dealer woes

    thanks for the update, did they give you a part number of the mount they changed? not sure which one is #4
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    2016.5 suspension noise, dealer woes

    Good find all. Which mount is #4 engine mount?
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    2013-2015 Stock 19 CX-5 Rims and Tires $400

    Still got the 19 cx5 wheels?
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    Suspension freezes in extreme cold weather

    When it's cold,.try pushing down on the car to see which corner is causing the issue. It's.probably a shock or strut getting stuck.
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    Headlight Questions

    You have projector headlights. You won't blind on coming traffic with LEDs. Just focus the headlights after installing them to the same level as current halogens. Taken markings on a wall of before. Ive used LASFIT from Amazon with Phillips chips on many cars. 6k is a good color. You can. Rotate...
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    What do you do to protect the chrome on the nose of your car?

    Plastidip it. Good for protecting against rock chips
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    Anyone Solve vibration on acceleration?

    Anyway to capture it on video?
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    Anyone Solve vibration on acceleration?

    Have you driven another cx5 to see if it's normal. There is a slight amount if engine nvh in these frist gens. Crc intake cleaning andplugs do help
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    Interested in 2015 CX-5 or 2012 CX-9

    Cx9s have Lot of water pump issues. That drew me away from it. Also it's a PIA to replace, gotta remove timing chain. Costly fix.
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    Anyone Solve vibration on acceleration?

    Is it a large vibration you can capture on video or something light? If it's just light, try crc gdi intake cleaning and changing spark plugs first If it's heavy then either engine/trans mount or a CV axel bad
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    Mazda beats Germans in quality Article Enjoy :)
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    2016.5 Mazda CX-5 17" Wheels and 225/65R17 Yokohama Geolander Tires - Houston,TX

    Mazda CX-5 17" Wheels and 225 65 17 Yokohama Tires Full set of 4 They were removed from a 2016.5 CX-5 with 8,000 miles only. Wheels are in excellent condition. No curb rash on any of them. They are like brand new. 17" oem Wheels Specs Lug pattern: 5x114.3 Center Bore: 67.1 Offset: 50...