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    Almost 300k 2016 Cx5 Grand Touring

    With that price I bet they are hoping some poor schmuck misreads the mileage and thinks the car has 29k on it.
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    Mazda caught in emissions cheating scandal

    That link doesn't go to the full story anymore.. And yesterday the only detail in there was that the details would be released today (uhm) this story has details: Put down the pitchforks everyone. A minor programming...
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    2018 Speedo Not Calibrated?

    lol! At least OP didn't say that his Speedo is "off" I don't want to know what would show up in that case.
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    New 2018 CX-5 Vibration at Highway Speeds

    I think you missed it. Sounds like the dealer swapped wheels with another car on the lot?
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    is the CX-5 a feminine car?

    In the 5 years since posting this thread I have embraced the feminine side of the car. photo from:
  6. pinklashcar-300x200.png


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    CX-5 & Child Car Seats

    Both my wife and I are 5'10" and we had the infant seat (Graco click connect) installed behind the driver's seat. I don't know how to handle twins, but with one infant, having a carrier that simply clicks into a pre-installed base was super convenient. Kid falls asleep in the car and you just...
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    This forum is awesome.

    The pads and rotors were done by pep-boys 3 years and ~30k mi ago. At first they tried to install non OEM rotors and pads, but something didn't fit right, so they tried some other pads or something. Next it turned out the rotors weren't the right ones, so we brought OEM rotors and pads (at the...
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    This forum is awesome.

    I did some brake work on my wife's rav4 v6 over the weekend. (installed the required anti squeal shims that somehow went missing the last time the pads were changed at a shop) This involved spending a little time browsing rav4 forums. There are so many threads that are wrong, unanswered or...
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    This is why I have AWD...

    If her husband wasn't a penny pinching tight wad and got her AWD things would have been totally different.
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    This is why I have AWD...

    I just pictured you slowly coming out from the woods with a shovel (to fix the road of course) and creepily approach the van as the frightened lady tried to speed off for her life.
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    That's not how things work. If you assume the 15% is correct than 3HP at the wheels is 3.529 at the crank. 3.529 crank HP * (1 - 0.15) = 3 wheel HP
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    you might want to read that study again. The gain was 2HP! not 20!
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    new small suv's with flash

    I have a feeling the Toyota pictures only show it from the very best angles. In person it might still look like an overstyled turd.
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    Spark Plugs.

    The plugs you got were NGK ILKAR7L11 right? What was the price at O'reiley?