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    New CX-5 - When Should I really get my first oil change?

    First oil change should be at whatever mileage makes you feel comfortable, but not to exceed 7500 miles or 12 months.
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    Brake Fluid Level

    I wasn't charged for the visit.
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    Brake Fluid Level

    Obviously not. Given the slew of system failure messages, I fully expected the problem to be much bigger than marginally low fluid.
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    Brake Fluid Level

    Yes, I have 5mm rear and 6mm front remaining. Tech suggested the cold weather was a contributor and was not concerned.
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    Brake Fluid Level

    Interesting observation this morning. For the last week I've had intermittent warning lights: Front Radar Sensor Malfunction SmartBrake Malfunction Red BRAKE warning light on the dash. Took it to the dealer this morning and ALL these warnings were caused by brake fluid level that was just a...
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    Extended Engine Idling w/ Turbo

    When idling, is the turbocharger even spinning????
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    0W20 for 2020 CX-5 GTR?

    How can the warranty be voided by a DEALER mistake???? Let's get real here and stop the panic. If you drive normally and not at 90% all the time, 0-20 will have no effect on your engine life.
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    2021 CX-5 auto start and defrost question

    If the front defrost is on when you shut off the car, it'll come on when you restart. Rear will not do so though.
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    Battery life for key fob...How long does yours last?

    Seems that the vehicle gives you plenty of warning before the battery actually goes dead. When mine first gave the warning, I stuck a spare battery in the console and went 2 months before finally giving in and changing it out.
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    Is the Signature the best all-around car for under $33,000?

    Unless he's looking at a 2019 leftover, I'd say $33k is a dream.
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    Apple Carplay Slow To Connect/Sometimes Not At All

    Make sure your iPhone is unlocked when you plug in. If not, carplay will not open.
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    Heads Up Display Problem

    Does it store with the seat memory? Maybe try setting it to your liking then save the seat position?
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    Weather Warnings on 2020 Signature?

    Known issue with no current fix that I'm aware of.
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    Anyone consider a used Luxury SUV for the price of a new CX-5?

    I went for a CPO luxury vehicle (2006 M-B CLK 350) back in 2009. Got the car with 20,000mi on it and CPO warranty to 100k mi. I owned the car till 109,000mi. I never made it through a single OCI without and unscheduled service/repair. Every 5k miles or so, I'd receive a check engine light...
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    Getting 2016.5 GT from Carvana, get warranty?

    It all depends how you feel about buying insurance in general. These policies are sold because they are very profitable and more often than not, you will not file claims for more than you paid out. That being said, if you are risk adverse, or a $2,000 repair will cripple you financially, you...