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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Congrats on the new rig. May you have many years of reliable enjoyment from the 2.5T!
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    Michelin Pilot Sport SUV, Anyone try them?

    Where did you get your ratings from? They look pretty accurate and comparable to my go-to evaluation site, Sounds like you got something perfect for your use case. I put a set of LX25’s on my wife’s RAV4 and she loves them. Great for the semi-winter conditions in Denver. I...
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    First Mazda, 2014 CX-5, 52k miles

    Congrats on finding such a low mileage unit! Should last you MANY years & miles.
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    2017~2021 Considering a change from Subaru

    With you 100% on this. Saw a rental truck with a smoke contrail just yesterday on the downhill slope on I70 from Lookout Mountain. Wasn’t sure whether to stay back or shoot ahead LOL. Since I was test driving a Genesis GV80 3.5T, I floored it and got way ahead. FWIW, a Mazda salesman told me...
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    2017~2021 Considering a change from Subaru

    I love the radar CC. Use it ALL the time, unless I’m cruising for < 1/4 mile or going downhill. On long, steep downhills, I find it uses the brakes more than I’d like. I absolutely minimize brake use on long down slopes by manually downshifting to maintain speed. Maybe it’s just a mountain...
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    The little white driving lights

    Not to mention effective lane centering, available in other markets, the lack of which has me looking elsewhere for my next ride.
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    Not as smooth as I thought

    Have you checked your tire pressure? Cars are shipped with overinflated tires to prevent flat-spotting. Dealer PDI’s often forget this important check.
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    2017~2021 Do I need to replace the 4 tyres?

    4/32nds is the legal minimum tread depth for Winter mountain driving in Colorado. Not sure what your driving weather is. Tires are not something to be cheap about. Much cheaper for a new set than the cost of a repair/deductible if you were to have a crash. Besides, the OEM Toyo’s are nothing...
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    Simplified. What percentage off the CX-5 sticker?

    I definitely wouldn’t. Incentives are from the manufacturer or regional distributor, not the dealer. Costs them nothing and doesn’t reduce their profit to pass it through. Arguably an advantage to them in making prices more competitive, increasing their sales. You can easily get this reduction...
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    2020 Signature: How long for your seat warmer to get warm?

    I wonder if the premium leather on the Sig transmits even slower than the standard leather?
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    Open questions before I can buy the CX-5

    Well, I WANT a working version of that feature.
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    Open questions before I can buy the CX-5

    Congrats on your new ride. Sounds like you hit the sweet spot for your application and one of the best relative values in the CX-5 lineup. I, too, enjoy the Bose system. It’s not quite as good as the Dynaudio in my last car (07 VW Eos), but the bass is more than adequate. Gotta agree on the...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    @johnhnhn See my post directly before yours.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Get quotes from every dealer in driving range and play the reverse auction game. Keep emailing each and watch the quotes drop. Eventually, after 3-4 rounds, all but one will drop out, and you’ll have a winner.