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Recent content by njaremka

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    Front Suspension Re-Fresh Parts

    Parts are gone, no longer available
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    Looking at a 2012 Mazda5 ...

    With such few miles, and rust in those areas, I*d be concerned about a flood vehicle. The 2012*s were a well sorted car. Only problem areas should be transmission and rear shocks.
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    2014 Mazda5 goes nuts

    How old is the battery? If its original, it is at least 5 years old. That is old enough to start having problems. If it's turned up dead a couple of times already, I would change it out. Cheap insurance.
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    2006 Mazda3 HID Headlamp Replacement

    Throw the housings in the over for 10 minutes at 200F, and they will pretty much peel apart. To get them back together, gently place the lenses onto the back housing, back in the over for 10 minutes at 200F, pull them out and press them back together until the clips seat. Done. It sounds more...
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    2006 Mazda3 HID Headlamp Replacement

    You could try swapping the outer lenses with ones from a pair of ebay headlights... In theory, should work...
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    Identifying shift knob.

    Looks like the stock "golf ball" knob from 2001-2002. This is the black knob: https://www.jimellismazdaparts.com/products/Mazda/2002/KNOB--CHANGE-LEVER/1841671/CB0146030F00.html At $66 plus shipping, I might be looking for an aftermarket replacement.
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    Jeff's 2008 Special Edition Build Thread...

    Looks great lowered! When is the front spoiler getting added?
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    Am I ready?

    Being in Canada, you have to weigh the rustiness of the car vs. cost of maintenance items. If $1000 will get you to next March or April, then it might be worth it. $1000 over 8 months works out to ~$125 per month. Could you get a newer car for that little?
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    Big brakes on Mazda CX 5

    Possible? Anything is possible. Is there a pre-assembled kit? Probably not.
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    phone holder, 2012 CX9 GT Samsung Note

    Kuda, nice. I like the Kuda in our 2012 CX-9. Places the phone in an optimal location, in my opinion.
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    2011 CX9 - AWD: Transmission & Differential Fluid Changes

    What he said... The full system capacity is ~7 quarts, but a drain and refill will only use about 3.5
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    2011 CX9 - AWD: Transmission & Differential Fluid Changes

    Well done, dear sir! Using your how to, I was able to complete a drain and fill on the wifes CX-9. Not sure its even been done before, but now that I know how its done I can stay on top of it. Ill probably run another gallon through the transmission in the next week or so. The old stuff that...
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    2002 mazda protoge manual transmission problems?

    Sounds like something in the linkage broke. Need to get under the car and check it out.
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    Mazda Maintenance Guide: Brake Fluid Exchange, AT Fluid, PS Fluid - none for US?

    I would do brake fluid every two years, only because it sucks moisture out of the air, which cause the temperature sensitivity to go out of whack. AT fluid should be a 50-60k miles change, depending on use. If you tow anything, or drive a lot of city traffic, I wouldn't go longer than 50k.
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    Can you swap a Protege engine into a Mazda3

    Will probably be more trouble than its worth - completely different engine designs. I would go the junk yard and look for a similar vintage Mazda3 engine.