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    So, what is that soft, cardboard like material on the under body?

    I see that my muffler is starting to get rust. I hit that too with FF even though it gets hot. I think that rust prevention should not be a maintenance item for a modern car with the advancement in coatings.
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    Won't Accelerate

    Once in a while I will get stuck in a gear in normal mode when hitting the gas. It takes maybe a half second to finally accelerate. It is like normal mode wants to get good gas mileage and is slow to down shift. It happens if I am driving at a certain slow speed and then hit the gas. The 10 to...
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    Is the CX-5 Dip Stick Calibrated for Hot Oil temp? It would explain a lot

    The oil level is below the full mark after driving and checking 6 or 7 minutes later because the oil didn't have time to drain into the pan completely. When checking the oil level by the manual's instructions, step 5 says add oil if the level is near or below the min mark as opposed to saying...
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    2013~2016 Horn keeps blowing fuse

    Here is the diagram of the theft-deterrent system, horn, sensors circuit. Tracking down a short can be hard. I think when the horn relay completes the circuit, electricity gets shorted out somewhere on that path. You also have to do a test to make sure it isn't the horn switch itself. Horn...
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    Outer tread wear question

    Without seeing pictures, to me it sounds like her car needs an alignment. She can have the shop that does the alignment rotate her tiers, and ask them how long she can go on them. Most likely the wear is excessive and she will need a new set. If she takes short trips she can probably milk it out...
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    So, what is that soft, cardboard like material on the under body?

    If you are okay with crawling under your car and getting a little dirty, I would recommend you get a can of this and spray the rusty metal without getting any on the rotors. Fluid Film
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    So, what is that soft, cardboard like material on the under body?

    Is there a beach in your state? To me it looks like they drove the car on the beach a few times in the salty water.
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    Thanks for recommending Paintless Dent Repair

    $400 is cheap to fix the damage that you described. Good deal!
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    2013~2016 Has anyone painted their pinch welds?

    I use fluid film on the undercarriage of mine, hit any places that look to have surface rust starting at each oil change. I sprayed and wipped the pinch welds with ff only because they looked dirty. Fluid film is a liquid and can wear off if exposed to water splashing and snow between oil...
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    How many actual miles on a new car?

    I prefer a new car with few miles, for the very reason that I don't like the idea of many test drivers giving it the beans when it is cold. Mine had 11 miles, two or three miles were from me test driving it. It is possible that another person test drove mine prior. You did get a great deal, less...
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    2013 Grand Touring Cylinder 2 Misfire/Corroded Plug

    I was going to say perhaps the spark plugs were not the exact right resistance and to try OEM plugs. Wow this post is 3 years old!
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    2017~2021 Rear end noise I can’t chase down

    Make sure the unused seat belts aren't making the noise, I had some noise going on at one point and it was the passenger seat belt. It is hard for the board members to diagnose because we can't hear the noise.
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    L+R front brake pads not in full contact with the inner face of the rotor?

    Are these the original pads and rotors? I think you need a brake job. They will (should) clean and lube all pins and components so the inside wears like the outside.
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    2016 CX-5 engine concerns

    I think the difference between the oil filters for the turbo vs the non turbo must be the strength of the bypass valve. It is worth it to stick to the OEM filters.
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    2020 CX-5 brake grinding sound

    Most likely it is surface rust on the rotors that wears off. They get surface rust fast on damp days.