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    2023 CX-5 AND CX-50 to be released?

    So the rumor-mill (on Google and YouTube) has it that Mazda will release both a new CX-5 and CX-50 in the same 2023 model year. One would be very similar to the existing CX-5 and the other larger, RWD and inline six, aimed to take on the luxury brands. Seems a little far-fetched to me but what...
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    Mirrors not folding completely

    Yes the dealership management makes a huge difference. I'm seeing a change (for the worse) in my dealership too, now that the management has changed. Luckily my senior service advisor is a great guy and listens. But there's also the problem of turnover.
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    HUD bezel reflecting on windshield

    I wear Maui Jim polarized sunglasses a lot (even on grey days) due to a sensitive dry eye problem. I find if the HUD is cranked up to the maximum, all the icons/lettering are certainly visible.
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    Mazda CX-50

    Is there a chance of a prototype reveal at a 2021 car show (assuming there are any car shows)?
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    Mazda CX-50

    When will there be some “serious” intelligence on what’s coming? I had Acuras for many years and there were constantly spy shots and leaked reports. Maybe Mazda is better at keeping things secret?
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    2021 Signature Lights

    It’s on my 2019 Signature. Only activates at night or twilight though.
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    2019-21 CX-5 infotainment screens

    Interested in comments on the quality and utility of the interface on the 7” 2019, 8” 2020 (in Signature) and 10.25” 2021 screens. Does bigger in each case mean better?
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    Mazda CX-50

    Like “dragon tail” tail-lights. A lot of those around.
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    Mazda CX-50

    I thought the reference to the SUV coupe variant was interesting. Maybe an X-1/X-2 equivalent.
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    Mirrors not folding completely

    I had the problem with both mirrors recently with my 2019 Signature here on Vancouver Island. I reported it to my Mazda dealer, and referenced the TSB. They ordered the parts and fixed the problem under warranty no questions asked.
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    Question about Turbo fuel

    Mmmm... I can only get 91 or 94. 94 is ethanol free. Wonder if that makes a difference?
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    Love The Blind Spot Warning

    It’s great to see it in the HUD. I notice that far more easily than the yellow light on the mirror. Great feature though.
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    Black paint on CX-5?

    Interesting comments...thanks. I currently have a Machine Grey Signature. I think the black goes better with the brown interior - checked it out this week - but do like the grey. Black always looks like the best option for BMWs but I think the Machine Grey is great on the CX-5.
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    Carbon edition and other "Special" editions - What's the deal?

    One plus in the Canadian versions is the additional option of a black car...that’s more “carbon edition” to me than the polymetal blue-grey. Consolation prize for not getting the new infotainment screen.
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    Black paint on CX-5?

    My service advisor suggests adding a ceramic coat for protection/shine if I do go black. Thoughts?