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Recent content by Moresp20

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    How To: Install In-Tank Fuel Pump

    Photos please anyone
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    Walbro help

    Hey guys I bought a gss342 255 Walbro fuel pump. The pump is larger than stock one and can't get it to fit anyone else have this problem too?
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    Sti fuel injector

    I heard the usdm sti still aren't plug and play, but the JDM sti are direct fit. Sooo since I'm in Australia does that mean we have JDM sti? So confused...
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    Sti fuel injector

    Would you happen to know what year model wrx it comes off? All the 440cc I find are from the states
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    Sti fuel injector

    Yes boosted with greddy emange
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    Sti fuel injector

    Hi guys, I am looking to up my fuel injectors but not keen on blowing $ on aftermarket ones. I came across a couple old fourms about WRX/STI fuel injectors being a direct bolt on/plug and play. Is this true?!
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    SP20 (Protege5) with steering wheel mounted volume controls.

    How do you wire the volume controls?