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Recent content by minnesotaart

  1. minnesotaart

    Acceleration difference in 2019 from 2016

    You guys all missed something important: GT = 19" wheels, Touring = 17" wheels. On my 2014 GT when I switch to my 17" wheels for winter, it is noticeably quicker!
  2. minnesotaart

    Ravenol ZF Transmission fluid

    How much new fluid is needed each time for a drain and fill?
  3. minnesotaart

    Is the Soul Red color still an issue on 2020’s?

    I have a 2014 in white. I took delivery in August 2013. I had 3M film installed with less than 100 miles on the vehicle. I have maintained the film the same as if it was paint. It does not look yellow at all, but yes you can see the line on the hood where it ends. It does not bother me. I also...
  4. minnesotaart

    Mazda CX5 2013 Touring not start

    I thought there was problem with early CX-5s and the switch near the shifter that says its in Park. I remember folks replacing them a while back. As mazadude says above, try all kinds of pushing and pulling on the shifter while you try to start it.
  5. minnesotaart

    Are you waiting for a third-generation CX-5?

    I would like it if they moved the side traffic alert lights from the mirror glass into the interior - where the mirror attaches and the black plastic is now. It's like that on Nissans and it's MUCH more noticeable and useful than being on the mirror glass. One would think that the mirror glass...
  6. minnesotaart

    TPMS for Winter Tires

    That makes more sense.
  7. minnesotaart

    Small OE spare on AWD vehicles

    Read all about here: Spare Tire Mod
  8. minnesotaart

    2019 CX-5 20,000 Mile Review

    One good thing to note from that Escape review, the 19" tires are the same size as the CX-5's, so based on how many Escapes we know will most likely be sold, there's bound to be more tire choices (and perhaps lower prices) in our future!
  9. minnesotaart

    TPMS for Winter Tires

    As stated above, there was absolutely no TPMS system on any GEN 1 CX-5 that used a wheel mounted sensor. The sensors were stationary on the vehicle and worked by sensing a wheel speed that was different from the others. This would happen when a tire got low. Yes, we have a reset button on the...
  10. minnesotaart

    What's the least expensive way to get a working spare key fob?

    After I lost one fob, I bought 2 spares online to be sure I had 2 left in case I lost one again! I paid $120 for a locksmith to program them and cut the spare key inserts. One caution. The model # on first set of fobs I got differed by I digit at the very end from the original. I thought they...
  11. minnesotaart

    Best Moly Price with shipping?

    I use the Idemitsu Zepro mentioned above and get it from Amazon. It's the same as the Mazda Moly since they are the ones that make the Mazda Moly. Right now $36 on Amazon w/free shipping. I have an alert set (via Wikibuy) to let me know if the price on Amazon drops. A couple of years ago I...
  12. minnesotaart

    Computer records

    Dash cams, people, dash cams.
  13. minnesotaart

    2017~2020 Exploding sunroof...wtf?!?

    It's a space thing! It's known as "inverse gravitational pull equilibrium". Since the meteor entered the atmosphere uninvited and with a downward force, some"thing" had to go back upward to replace it in order to keep things in equilibrium! That "thing" would be the glass going upward. However...
  14. minnesotaart

    Spark Plug Removal

    Zero, zero, zero issues with NKG plugs that are marked exactly the same as OEM except for the Mazda logo.
  15. minnesotaart

    A New "Wax" product from Mequiars

    So I read this review and thought heck, I'm the lazier type of wash/wax guy so I might as well give it a try. Didn't find it at my local Walmart so I looked online. It was around $25 most places, but Advance Auto had it for $12.74 (same size - 26 oz - as everyone else) plus free shipping if the...