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Recent content by Mike_R

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    What Auto Braking?

    Oh, I see. I just skip through until I hear a song I like but I can see the problem if you want a specific station.
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    What Auto Braking?

    Yeah and you can even use one of the buttons on the steering wheel to browse through the presets so your eyes don't have to leave the road.
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    What Auto Braking?

    "What auto braking?" You ask, well the CX-5 doesn't have auto braking for plastic totes and I would never assume that the lack of plastic tote auto braking indicates there's not vehicle and pedestrian auto braking. And Mazda only provides the latter - auto braking for vehicles and pedestrian...
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    Any way to disable All Wheel Drive?

    Out of curiosity, I'd like to try out my car in both front wheel drive and AWD on snow. Does anyone know a way to disable AWD I'm the 2019 CX-5? I know in some cars you can remove a fuse to disable AWD but the manual doesn't list a fuse for that.
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    My 2019 CX-5 over reports MPG by 1.55 MPG, 2014 CX-5 under reports by 0.97 MPG

    I noticed that my 2014 CX-4 seemed to almost always under report my MPG so I logged the actual MPG based on how many gallons each fill up took and the miles drive and I also logged what the car said I got for that fill up. Then I ended up buying a new one so I thought it would be interesting to...
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    Does you Android Auto Port Actually Charge Your Phone?

    I just upgraded to a 2019 Cx-5 from my 2014. The Android Auto USB port doesn't charge my Honor 8 phone, it just keeps it at the same battery percentage +/- 1 percent over an hour of being plugged in. The other port right next to the Android Auto port charges my phone about as fast as a wall...
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    PSA: Some years have windows you can't break, even in an emergency.

    I noticed the front driver and passenger side windows on my 2019 CX-5 are laminated which makes them shatter proof, even with one of those specially designed window punch tools or window hammers. This provides protection by preventing your from being ejected or partially ejected in a rollover...
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    Anyone else track their cost per mile?

    I track my cost per mile. Anyone else do the same? I don't include cost that would exist for any car, regardless of if I drove it much or not, like insurance and annual inspections/registration. I calculate just repairs, mileage based maintenance, gas, purchase price/sales tax and financing...
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    67,000 Mile Transmission Fluid (ATF) Analysis Results

    After researching whether I should drain and fill the ATF and seeing there was no consensus, I drained and filled mine at 66,900 miles and paid for a Blackstone analysis because I was just so curious with Mazda saying you never need to replace the fluid and other saying 30-40,000 miles. I did...
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    Test of MPG at various speeds: results

    I was curious what effect different speeds would have on the MPG I would get since here in Utah, the urban speed limit is 70 MPH which generally means the lanes vary from <70 to 80 MPH so when there's not congestion, you often can select your desired speed and pick a corresponding lane. Much of...
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    PCV Valve Inspection - How strong should the vacuum be?

    In the pre-purchase inspection on the 65,000 mile CX-5 I just bought, the technician said the PCV valve wasn't working and should be replaced. Since replacing it is a PITA I checked it using the workshop manual process (http://nema.club/2014wsm/workshop%20manual/n6w01/html/id0116zc800400.html)...
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    What Maintenance Services Should I do that are NOT Listed in the Manual?

    I just bought a 2014 Touring CX-5 (and LOVE it so far!) and I know with my previous car, there were many maintenance services forum users recommended but that were not part of the maintenance schedule, E.G. transmission fluid, PCV valve. With longevity (hopefully 200K miles) in mind, what are...
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    Official 2017 2nd-Gen CX-5 EPA Fuel Economy Ratings Are Out

    Here's the Rav4 for comparison.
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    No local private sellers in my area

    New user here. I'm in love with CX-5 and want to purchase one from an individual since it's significantly cheaper than a dealer, on the books at least, but there's no private sellers here (SLC, UT). I've religiously checked Craig's List and the local new stations online classifieds where...