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    Need Help Diagnosing - Bad Engine/Transmission Mount?

    Before throwing any $$$ at it, please verify all of the COWL bolts are tight. I have seen a few others chasing a mysterious knock/tap/clunk from the 2013-2015 range that is solved with a cowl bolts torque check. There is a TSB out there / on here for the proper torque and bolts affected.
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    2019 CX5 Touring Infotainment Brightness Won’t Automatically Change

    or adjust the dimmer for the dash.
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    2013~2016 Break fluid question

    Bad or poor condition brake fluid that is contaminated with water can still look clear and acceptable. The reservoir is not a good example of the entire system's condition, and only represents a very small portion of the total amount of fluid in the system. For a proper and inexpensive test...
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    Mazda to expand MX-30 range, gas-hybrid MX-30 coming

    Very nice surprise Mazda! My dealer has my phone number for when they come in...;)
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    Need help - '14 CX-5 rough engine idle after replacing spark plugs

    Sorry for the misunderstanding I never said they were a failure point on a 2014, however they are a common failure point and cause of rough idling issues on any of the Mazdas that use the hydraulic motor mounts post 2004
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    Need help - '14 CX-5 rough engine idle after replacing spark plugs

    I agree... I would not be messing with the plugs again, or bother removing to check gap. Because you disconnected the battery, the car will have to relearn fuel mapping. Extra vibrations at idle in park can be caused by failed motor mounts. Out of curiosity, did this all happen after the...
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    Crazy pricing on 2019 Signatures?

    My Toyota dealer friend was down to just 50 cars, out of a usual 300 car supply. He just told me that this week they are finally shipping fresh supply in.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    If you have test driven both, you should know what model you need. You really can not go wrong with either, but from reading your long term stand point and not needing turbo, I would steer you towards the GT.
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    2013~2016 Skyactiv Spark Plug Question

    Yes that is the correct tool.
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    2013~2016 Skyactiv Spark Plug Question

    I went to Harbor Freight Tools and bought a set of the 1/2 inch Drive metric deep sockets for $17
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    2013~2016 Skyactiv Spark Plug Question

    I just replaced my plugs here at 60k on my 2016 2.5L. NGK Direct replacement as stated above on rock auto. 94124 The spark plugs require a DEEP 14mm socket. My 3/8 drive deep 14mm sockets were not deep enough, so I had to purchase a 1/2 drive deep socket to accomplish this task. With the...
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Just did a 60k mile spark plug replacement. Had to make a run mid-fix to the local Harbor Freight to get extra deep 14mm socket for plugs.:rolleyes:
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    New Owner. Tire Questions

    I would ask what it is you are trying to achieve by changing the width... Wider tires have a different shaped contact patch (sometimes to the detriment), more wind resistance, less resistance to hydroplaning, greater rolling resistance, heavier unsprung weight, change in sound resonance, and...
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    2017~2021 AWD versus FWD

    #1 Check and adjust tire pressure accordingly. Then, try it rolling it at say 15 mph in both D and N to see if you have dragging brakes or if its just drivetrain / engine braking.