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    Default to 360 Camera when shifting into Reverse

    Same here, no option to change default view.
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    2016~2020 USB in Front Console

    I didn't bother with hiding that USB cable. I put a nice, long and durable braided cable and it is just running from the arm rest connector resting on a passenger seat when not connected. When connected it runs to a vent-mounted phone holder. Probably very easy to hide on the way to the front...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    All what is needed (link to software and instructions) are in first and second post in this topic: https://www.mazda3revolution.com/threads/new-na-n-firmware-70-00-352b.237094/ Note, that the software they attached is for North American cars.
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Updated FW over the weekend to version .352B. Took only about 25min.
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    Firmware update(s) and how to steps

    Upgraded Firmware to the .352B. Took only ~25min, followed the attached pdf and everything went as they described. It retained all of my settings. I do think booting is a bit faster (I had .100 FW before), too early to say if anything else changed.
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    Sad day, but it protected me well!

    Glad you're OK, looks like total loss.
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Nice mount, just ordered one, thanks @jtmazda.
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    Cancelling the auto closing function of side mirrors

    BTW, how does opening and closing work in the winter when mirrors are covered in ice or snow? Any issues with ice blocking mirrors while the motor forces it to move?
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    New to Mazda and to forum; 2019 CX9 GT

    I also switched from an old MDX. It was a great car and lasted without major problems for a long time. But when the time came I briefly looked at another MDX. Sheer number of active recalls and bulletins pushed me away. Something is wrong with Honda nowadays.
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    Any Word on the 2020 CX-9 Changes?

    Same here ;)
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    Any Word on the 2020 CX-9 Changes?

    When I looked at Telluride it seemed to approach $50k region with features similar to GT or Signature which are in low $40k range.
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    Impossible to properly dry by hand ;-)

    There is a nice 600 CFM blower on Amazon, but only has the round exhaust, I can see it would be better to have both. Do you think 600 CFM is fine or still too weak?
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    Impossible to properly dry by hand ;-)

    Sounds promising crikey, I need to get one. Do you use round exhaust or the narrow air exhaust aka air blade?
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    Impossible to properly dry by hand ;-)

    Some Sunday humor.... I've been hand-washing my CX 9 a few times since the purchase. I think it is impossible to hand-dry this car well. It has too many tigh spots where water likes to gather. Around door seals, mirrors, front grill areas, rear of the car, etc. It is just hopeless, once you dry...
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    2019 mazda6, 2019 cx-9 earn iihs top safety pick+ award

    Thank you, of course it is there ;-) 6/2019, so probably mine is not updated (not "after June").