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    Window Visors for 2019 CX5-GTR

    I installed them a few days after purchasing the car. So, I don't remember much different between before and after when opening window on highway. And, it is still quiet when all windows closed. I don't regret my purchase and I think that it looks better for my white color. And, as you can...
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    Window Visors for 2019 CX5-GTR

    Here are some pics. It's raining today so I couldn't take better pictures. But, the front one is closed (vertically) on rear with double side tape. Same for the rear. They have tapes like |`````````````|.
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    Placement of Compustar remote start Antenna

    I just installed mine (model: CSX4905S-KIT, Compustar - 2-Way CSX Remote Start System/LTE Module) at BestBuy after long waiting (2 months) on my 2019 GT. The remote signal is amazing. I am in Dronemobile trial period and I like to control and see status through my phone. So, I may get 5 years...
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    Best CX5 Phone Mount

    I posted mine before here: And, I am using this magnetic charging/data cable and it works with Android Auto. The base magnetic is very strong so just place the phone nearby...
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    I believe that the postings here are only for information. It's up to you how to interpret each transaction item. Whether 10.5% or 4.5%, what's the big deal? He paid what he believed to be good deal. We don't need to say if it was good or bad deal. It's his car now and let him enjoy new...
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    Question on radar cruise

    To resume radar cruise from complete stop, you have to push gas OR press RES button. You don't have to do both. I use the button method on every day. While auto engaging cruise control is convenient, it can be danger at the signal.
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    Navigation SD Card

    I believe that it should come with the trim. Have you contacted the dealer and asked? Mine is 2019 GT w/PP. I don't know where it was stored because sales person installed it for me. But, mine came with it and it was in sd card slot under center arm rest.
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    2019 CX-5 music stops screen reboots

    My 2019 GT does the same. It starts happening in last few weeks. You can searched many complaints here. And, I haven't found the solution yet. I believe that this is software related issue (sd card or XM radio on air update).
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    CX-5 Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

    I have 70.00.335 firmware and using Android Auto. I upgraded to 335 version a long time ago and didn't have any issue until lately. Last couple of days, while playing music through Android Auto, there is sound distortion and froze and reboot the infotainment system. It happens at least once...
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    Smooth Wheel

    Yes, you have to stitch the cover. I believe that it took me 30-1hr to install. Just make sure align carefully before starting and plan patterns and tuck in left over pieces in between wheel and the frame. The space is very tight so you may need harder plastic than the plastic blade came with...
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    Smooth Wheel

    Yes, I have 2019 GT. I updated the link also. The mobile link doesn't seem to work. The seller asked me to send my steering wheel picture so that he can send me the right one.
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    Smooth Wheel

    US $14.81 13%OFF | CARDAK Black Artificial Leather Hand-stitched Car Steering Wheel Cover For Mazda CX-3 CX3 CX-5 CX5 2017 2018 Car Steering covers I chose black string as it can hide some mistake or imperfection. You can watch a couple of youtube videos for the installation.
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    Smooth Wheel

    Yes, it is.
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    Smooth Wheel

    I have a steering cover installed as picture below. $15 from aliexpress.