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    Oil change drama

    I was under the impression that the original factory fill was synthetic, at least that's what my dealer stated when I asked at time of purchase.
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    First oil change notification

    Yeah, I checked and it's on Flexible schedule. Adding my current odometer reading and the remainder of the 600 mile service notice puts the mileage at 4887. That seems low considering my mostly rural driving and just occasional matting of the go pedal. My combined mpg, averaged from day one, is...
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    First oil change notification

    What is your definition of early?
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    First oil change notification

    Hadn't thought about the date of manufacture which on mine is 11/2018. If the service icon illumination is based off the dom it gave me 14 months. Doesn't matter too much to me if I'm slightly over or under, I'll stick with something close to 5K intervals regardless of time. That being said...
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    First oil change notification

    Got the wrench icon and notice of an oil change needed for the first time. The car is 10 months old and has 4200 miles. There's nothing in the service manual related to regular service at such short intervals and I'm wondering if the MMI is set to trip the oil change notice early the first time...
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    Guide: How-To: Disable Daytime Running Lights (instructions)

    Got it on the first try. Not sure if I'll leave it that way though, I actually prefer the way it looks with the Parking Lights switch on, i.e., center round headlight off but halo and flat side lights remain on. It's technically illegal to drive in my state with just the parking lights on but...
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    It's not easy being a dinosaur.

    I'll admit it, I'm slow to adopt new technology. I was playing 8-tracks in my car when everyone else had cassettes. I rented Betamax when VHS was the norm, and then VHS when DVDs were the standard. I still carried a flip phone years after smartphones came out. When I decided to buy a new car I...