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    Post Pics of your Aftermarket Mazda5 Stereo Setups

    I installed a couple months ago a Sony XAV-AX200 in my car and i am pretty happy with it. My stereo has better sound quality than the stock one and Android Auto works really good.
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    [Mazda5 2010+] About aftermarket stereo

    Thanks for you answer! I finally decided to change my stereo so i can answer my own questions. I bought a Metra radio harness, Metra dash kit and a chinese one (Seicane) just in case. The technician that did the job used the Metra side brackets and the Seicane dash (it looks better than the...
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    [Mazda5 2010+] About aftermarket stereo

    Greetings from Chile! I want to change the stereo of my 2012 Mazda5 (im interested on buying a Sony XAV-AX200) but i'm holding back for a while because i'm kinda worried about what can i lose or retain by doing that change. I have read this forum for a while but i was unable to clear some...