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    WTB: Winter Tires on Rims, 2015 CX-5 Sport FWD

    Preferably looking for Blizzaks mounted on OEM rims: 225/65-17, 17x7", 5x114.3mm I'm located in Minneapolis, MN
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    Need Help Diagnosing - Bad Engine/Transmission Mount?

    Correct. To recreate the noise I accelerate hard/floor it, then lift off the throttle (with the gear still engaged). After the throttle is released, I hear the noise (always just 1 "tap").
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    Need Help Diagnosing - Bad Engine/Transmission Mount?

    Mazdiod2: not sure parking was the issue, I just figured I would mention that it was parked for longer than I've ever parked it before (6 days) and it was on an incline. Nothing else was problematic before i parked it for a week. Pretty sure it is not related to the pedal, it has to do with...
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    Need Help Diagnosing - Bad Engine/Transmission Mount?

    2015 CX-5 Sport Manual Transmission with 53K miles: After leaving my car parked on an incline for 6 days, it now makes a noise when the throttle is floored and then released. The sound happens after the throttle is released (while moving/under load) and is 1 tap/thud, like the sound of a foot...
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    3rd gear problem

    Kdiggy, what did you end up doing with the transmission? I just recently came across this TSB. Though I don't have 3rd gear issues, my 6th gear occasionally pops out. All other shifting is very smooth. It does appear that my 2015 CX-5 is affected since the VIN is lower than JM3KE****517027 as...
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    6th Gear Popping Out

    Howdy I purchased a 2015 CX-5 manual transmission in February of 2019 with 28K miles on it, currently at 42K. When i'm cruising down the interstate in 6th gear, it almost always pops out of 6th gear and into neutral, at least once during the drive. Going into 6th is fine and the rest of the...