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    how much insurance do u guys pay?

    2 tickets - $190 a month full coverage $500 deduct.
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    MP3 Owners Head-Count

    1. Topher 2. Revs 3. manofmacg3 4. Avarela86 5. Mp3inthestl 6. Bhicks 7. Winty87 #474 8. BigB 9. DCBeggs 10. Samari310 11. yashart_mp3 ---- soon to be for sale 12. 4thundr ---- ^^mine too^^ 13. Forbidden 14. pgmg 15- Techno_MP3 16. MP3N.Y.C #478 17. SKY 18. Keon1542 19. simp3 20. MP3Performance...
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    MP3 Owner's Raffle for the month of Nov.

    What is pg, for the gift card?
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    Painting Rear Valance?

    What kind of exhaust is that Silverspeed?
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    Marketplace changesPOST FEEDBACK!

    good idea, sounds organized....
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    Amber Side Markers

    03orgspd - Make sure when your pointing out your side markers that you give them proper credit. "Those sidemarkers came off of MP3 #11, Biatches!!"
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    Photoshop Request!

    They do look sweet... MP3 architect's has one of my favorite cars on the forum. BadAss...
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    spotted thread

    I'm at work and the girlfriend sends me a picture to my phone, open it up and its a beauitful MP3 (I have yet to see an ugy MP3) (2thumbs) . Car was parked in Gresham over by the Old Navy and New Best Buy today around 1:30.
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    New Performance shop in Lake Oswego

    I need to get my mounts installed. Was thinking of just waiting until I got the corksport exhaust and do it at once.
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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    Car For Sale

    I'm in the process of selling a jeep. I have it on autotrader and have gotten 4 responses in 3 weeks. I also have it on and have gotten 26 responses and 6 people have looked at it. Craigslist is where its at. Good luck!
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    Word association game

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    I'm Looking for a Protege

    Thanks nocar, unfortunately the commute back from east coast to west coast would be alittle expensive with today's gas prices, but much fun. Glad when I picked up my mp3 I only had a two hour drive.
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    Teen sues MySpace alleging sexual assault

    My guess is the mom sees away to make money. 30 million dollars is crazy. Hey dumbass girl, what are you doing given out your phone number to a stranger? Redonkeylous...