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Recent content by jonlong

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    Need help ASAP - How to set timing belt

    Hey guys, I recently changed the valve stem seals on my P5 and now need to reset my timing belt. There is a marker on the crankshaft pulley, as well as a guide that is marked with a 10 and a T. It looks like if I'm aligned with the 10, then I'd be at 10 degrees off from top dead center. I...
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    How to change valve seals?

    Looks like I am due for new valve seals. Are there any good writeups on this? I found a few posts saying that it was possible to do it w/o removing the head, using either the rope or compressed air method. Do I need to mess with the timing belt or can I leave all of that stuff intact? Any...
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    White smoke on cold start

    I recently changed my spark plugs, wires, and valve cover gasket. Starting immediately after the install of those things, I get about 20 seconds of thick white smoke anytime I start the car. Any ideas?
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    Question re: new plugs and wires

    I'm at 78k miles and my car had a hard time starting this morning. Was driving in the rain last night and it was still wet this morning. The car felt like it was not firing on all cylinders for about 15 seconds and I had to feather the gas to keep it running. After a while, it was running...
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    No more SLS motormounts

    I had some issues with my P5 lately; front right caliper seized, front endlinks were worn, and the front left wheel bearing was sticking. I had the car in the shop since I am too busy with school to fix these things, and I had them change the SLS mounts back to new OEM ones. I haven't been so...
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    How To: EGR Removal and Cleaning for Rough Idle Fix

    Anyway disadvantage to disabling the EGR altogether?
  7. J

    Fuse question

    Does anyone know which fuse the compass/auto-dimming rearview mirror is on? I tapped into a wire for power in my car to hardwire my GPS and some other aftermarket accessories. I think I blew the fuse since they all stopped working at the same time, but I can't figure out which fuse it is. Any...
  8. J

    Clutch/Flywheel Installation

    I am having the clutch chatter problems that the P5 is infamous for and I have replaced the front and side motor mounts with the SLS mounts, but will probably need to do the others soon. I also think its time to replace the clutch and flywheel (or at least have it resurfaced). Has anyone...
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    MI Fun Drive II-'07; October 21, 2007

    ENTENSE, I wish I would have seen your message earlier. I live in Warren and would have gone w/ you.
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    MI Fun Drive II-'07; October 21, 2007

    I'm gonna have to drop. My brakes started getting really bad a little while ago, so I ordered new pads, but they won't be here until after the drive. For all of you going, have a fun and safe drive! 1. goldwing2000 ('05 special guest) 2. tunersteve ('03 Protege, '02 Millenia S, or '07 MS6...
  11. J

    MI Fun Drive II-'07; October 21, 2007

    1. goldwing2000 ('04 3S or something else) 2. tunersteve ('03 Protege, '02 Millenia S, or '07 MS6 (hopefully!)) 3. yaggie1 (3.5 P5) 4. jonlong (P5) 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    Help ASAP (full coolant flush)

    subbing...doing this tomorrow
  13. J

    Craziest stunt ever on highway

    wow, that must be a crack-free highway
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    Burning/Losing Oil

    Hey guys, I have a problem with oil loss and I can't find a good explanation. I change my oil and filter every 3k-4k miles. I always add the quantity specified in the owner's manual. After about 1500-2000 miles of driving, though, I need to add a lot of oil. Last time I checked it, the...
  15. J

    MI Fun Drive I-'07, April 28, 2007

    open...track...day...? :) do you have a link w/ more info?