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    My new work car. 1989 MX-6 80,000 miles

    Wow that is an awesome find. The exterior looks to be in pretty good shape at least!
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    1994 JankIP 929 build

    I believe my idle air control (IAC) motor went out this past weekend. Revs in park and neutral are up to 2,200 RPM even after the engine has warmed up. When in drive or reverse, it's as if she wants to drive herself (she thinks she's a Tesla) - even with throttle fully closed and foot off the...
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    1994 JankIP 929 build

    Hello all, been trawling this forum for wisdom nuggets some time now. I picked up a 70k mile original owner '94 929 and have been rocking it as my parts getter beater the past year or so. The transmission and water pump went kaput almost simultaneously recently. Addressed that and figure now's...