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Recent content by jeffrow925

  1. J

    Can no longer open rear hatch from remote with engine on in 2019 CX-5 Signature

    If your car is on and your inside. You need to unlock the doors first then hit the physical hatch button to open it. Not sure about keys.
  2. J

    Air Conditioner- Weird burnt plastic smell

    I got a 2018 CX-5 with 30k in mileage. About a week or so ago I get this weird smell when my AC is on after about 5 minutes. Its kind of a burnt rubber, burnt plastic smell kind of like burnt arm hairs. Does anyone know what this might be or what to check for first? Its been doing it for a...
  3. J

    2017~2020 2018 Holiday Wishlists

    What are some things you guys or girls are thinking of doing or asking for your car for Christmas? I was thinking of a dash cam but it seems like there arent a ton of threads in here or within the last couple of years. I was looking at the rexing v1 3rd gen or the Vantrue n2 pro. I dont...
  4. J

    2017~2020 Installed Apple CarPlay. Street sign recognition doesnt work

    Installed Apple CarPlay. Street sign recognition doesnt work I upgraded to software 70.xxx.100 then installed the apple CarPlay upgrade kit. Now I have noticed so far my HUD does not read speed or traffic signs. Does anyone know why? I have a 2018 GT wPP. Thanks
  5. J

    2017~2020 Is damaged weatherstripping under warranty?

    I think my dog jumped out the back while he hatch was opening and ripped he weatherstripping on the bottom part where it closes. Is this under warranty to get it replaced? You cant tell what did it but would be his qualify to get replaced under warranty? Its for a 2018 model. Thanks
  6. J

    2017~2020 Audio volume: AUX v Bluetooth v USB

    This has been annoying for sometime for me but when I play audio from my iPhone 7 via AUX I turn it up to like 28-34 and it’s already louder then the same song via Bluetooth or USB at 52-54. Does anyone else notice this? I love the convenience of Bluetooth but is doesn’t get as loud nor the...
  7. J

    Anyone own a Dash Mat?

    I was driving around today and noticed i have tons of dust particles on my dash. I never noticed this on my old car as it had a dash mat on it when i purchased it used. The brand I believe was Dash Designs but I wanted to get some opinions on brand and more importantly the cover. I want the...
  8. J

    Wet Okole seat covers (Rear)

    Hi, I wanted to know what peoples opinion on the Wet Okole's, full neoprene seat covers are. I was thinking of getting a set for the rear seats as my dog has a habit of wanting to look out of the side windows and either props his feet over on the leather or today he actually jumped over the...
  9. J

    Does Walk Away Lock turn on alarm?

    Does walk away lock just lock your car or does it also turn your car alarm on? I know its just called walk away lock and not walk away lock + alarm. Curious if anyone knows definitively which prevents me from shaking my car.
  10. J

    2017/18 Real World MPG

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to Mazda's in general and have been looking at 2017 or 2018 CX-5's to replace my totaled 2009 Accord EX-L. I would be using this as my daily driver and some of my work commutes can be long, ~140 miles round trip (rare but happen for a week or so at a time) so I...