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Recent content by jamesroy23

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    How to: install defrost vent gauge pod

    Nice. It's looking good. I was going to do the same thing with my VEI gauge,. I went to Home Depot to find something suitable and picked up a short piece of black 2" plumbing pipe coupling. It's slightly too small ID so if I was going to use it I'd have to get it machined out a bit, build a...
  2. J

    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    I put the front of the car on jack stands. I was able to put all 3quarts of fluid in the tranny and i think this is because the car was tilted backwards. This was also the case when I put in my MT-90. I measured the amount of fluid that i successfully drained from the tranny and it was only...
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    Mazda2 vs. Ford Fiesta price and features comparison

    I think the mazda does have manual aircon as standard. The alarm is also standard. The cheapest ford dealer I had a quote from is quoting 350 for this even though its on ford.ie site for 200(cost of fitting maybe?). Cd with aux in mazda, I think this is an option on the fiesta. I think the...
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    Springs for the 2010 speed 3?

    Wow! That mazda even makes my car look not as ugly. They must be really turning down the boost on the first two gears to only run 5.8 sec on 0-60 mph. Always liked the older ms3 better than the new one. As far as the gti, I like it, but i can't get over those seats. Plad interior? Never...