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Recent content by ivanhoe67

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    2015 Looking Good

    I also bought new Continental Control Contact AS Plus tires. Love the ride, very quiet with great handling.
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    2015 Looking Good

    My daughter was home from college for Christmas and I detailed her car (my car since I paid for it) before she went back. Last summer I did a ceramic finish on it, and yesterday I put a new top coat of Si02 spray from Blackfire Magic. Car looks great with a smooth wax like finish.
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    Navigation Chip Failure

    Yes it is resolved. Works great.
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    Replacing battery in 2014 / 2015 Mazda3s

    Had AAA replace my daughter's battery in 2015 Mazda 3, no problems. Didn't have to connect an external battery, and no problems shifting.
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    Navigation Chip Failure

    I have a 2017 CX 9 GT, which we love. The other day the Nav failed to load and it said our car wasn't equipped with a Nav chip, but we obviously had one. I turned the car off, and removed the chip. After a few minutes I re-inserted the chip and started the car. The infotainment system said...
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    1st replacement tires for 2015 Mazda 3 i Touring 15" wheels

    My daughter has about 30,000 on her Mazda 3 16" wheels. Looking to replace the Bridgestone Eccopia OEM tires. Looking at either the Pirelli Centurado P7, or the Michellin Defender, or back to the Bridgestone Eccopias. We live in Southern California, mostly dry weather, no snow. Any thoughts...
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    Rear pad wear surprise on a 2017

    We have a 2017 CX 9 GT also. Had it about 20 months with 25,000 miles on it. At my last oil change the dealer stated I'm down to "yellow" on the rear pads and recommended doing a rear brake job. I asked to look at the pads and they allowed me into the shop and I looked and measured them, they...
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    broken seatbelt

    Yeh, I tried that several times. Dealer said the tensioner in the spool broke. Fixing it under warranty.
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    broken seatbelt

    Anyone have problems with the 2nd row, center seat? Our seat belt for that position has pulled all the way out and will not retract. Took it to the dealership and they are replacing it under warranty. 2017 CX 9 GT
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    Loose Center Arm Rest

    My daughter's 2015 Mazda 3 developed a loose/wobbly arm rest. Found out there is a pin that can work itself loose and come out from repeated opening/closing. Easy fix, sit in the back seat and remove the rear cover to the center console. There are 2 pins, one on each side. It is easy to see...
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    16-17 owners ... what warranty work have you needed?

    I had the infotainment screen replaced due to the screen going black intermittently or not coming on when put in reverse. Other than that, my 17 has been great.
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    After Market Nav Chip

    Has anyone purchased the after market chips sold on Amazon or Ebay? They seem cheaper than the "dealer" chips. But I'm worried about the knock off chips not working. Thanks Scott
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    Price check for Mazda 3 Touring Automatic

    Looking to buy a new 2018 Mazda 3 Touring Automatic. Has any body purchased a similar car recently? and if so, what price did you get? Thanks
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    Navigation update

    I have a 2017 CX-9 GT, purchased in late November. Whenever we went to use the voice activated navigation where we supposed to say out loud the address we wanted to navigate to, we got a verbal reply that this feature was not available. Took the car to the dealer for 2 warranty items...
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    Splash Guards for CX 9, 2017

    I ordered and installed my front and rear splash guards the other day. The parts guy at the Tuttle Click dealership gave them to me at cost, $35 each, $70 for both sets since it was for a new car purchase. Nice that they offered the reduced price. Took me about 2 hours to install all 4...