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    I 3D printed a thing

    Super interested. What price and time frame were you thinking?
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    ** Spring Buyer's Guide **

    You can use tokico blue or illuminas but you'll have to change the front sway bar links since they are designed for 2000 and up proteges and they are a lot longer.
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    Rear subframe

    I'd say pay a little extra for the HardRace arms. Not only are they better quality but also use pillow bushes instead of urethane.
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    Protege FS: AWR 4-2-1 header, LED P5 door sills

    Interested in the header. I'm local so you won't have to ship.
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    I 3D printed a thing

    Ok, good to hear. I just didn't want this project to die off. Really excited for this one
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    I 3D printed a thing

    Any update on when these will go on sale? Really interested in this one since no one really makes a "real" aftermarket in-mani for these.
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    Rallycross BJ Protege

    I have to say that spray can job looks pretty good for what it is. Looks like a ton of fun driving out there too. How does the celica MAF work though?
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    Rear Disc Conversion for any BJ model (99-03), NO FABRICATION METHOD

    Hello everyone! First of all, this is my first post to the forums and I plan to frequent these parts in the future. As far as I could tell, my search on this forum has shown me that the only methods posted require fabrication/welding of mounts. I have manages to find a way that only requires...