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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Found out there was water in my boost line going to the gauge????
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    SpeedCircuit Parts Rep

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    SpeedCircuit Parts Rep

    WANTED: SpeedCircuit rep for this site Since we are currently working in several markets, it's hard to be here as often as we would like to. We're interested in bringing someone on to help us promote and sell our parts on this site. If you're interested, please PM me with the following...
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    AFC-SplitSecond PSC1 Map Library

    Best thing to do, is try the old maps, then tune it. Alot better than "hoping" someone's map would work. believe me I tried. =)
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    AFC-SplitSecond PSC1 Map Library

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    Ice's N/A Build

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    HKPRO5's Turbo Build Thread.

    easy! Amazon was the cheapest place that I have seen them for if you are looking to buy replacements.
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    WTB: wideband setup

    Check out they have killer prices on turbo electronics. You have to sign up but totally worth it.
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Paying it off mid July. =)
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    2.5" silcone couplers

    Yea I can do that.
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    HKPRO5's Turbo Build Thread.

    Hey I had those wheels white way before. I actually have them off the car right now, and have the Gold FDs on. Prodrives need new tires.
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    Current Engine bay pics everyone

    Very nice! I will need to take a look into that. Thanks!
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    HKPRO5's Turbo Build Thread.

    Yea i have a lip on there now, but i dont like how it sits. Some pics over the last few months while i have been away. Wideband Gauge pod New Driver control arm.
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    Chumlet build thread!

    Very Awesome, I had that seat and loved it! Just make sure that when you get out of the car, dont drag your ass on the side. It will wear out quickly. Just lift your butt up and scoot out. =)