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    Post Pictures of Your Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    Good to hear you saved it! Looks great.
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    iOS 14.5 Apple CarPlay issues

    I've had CarPlay issues before and a phone restart fixed it.
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    2019 Signature or 2021 Carbon edition?

    Woah. I don’t think you mentioned they were 2 model years apart. That does change the comparison a little. Still, I think you’re right. Seat time in both is needed.
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    2019 Signature or 2021 Carbon edition?

    When I sat in a non-Signature model, I found the interior The Signature adds some nice materials and the smells and small details really do make the difference.
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    Speedometer grayed-out?

    It's my favourite option for the digital cluster on my old 2018 6 and my new cx5. Volvo did something similar with their digital gauges back a few years ago...
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    2021 CX-5 10 inch screen not in Canada?

    It's not present in the 2021 CX5s for Canada. Mazda seems to have rolled out the new system in the USA but not in Canada for that particular vehicle.
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    2021 Signature: Why no wireless Apple Carplay?

    Here, I fixed this for you, ...What's more embarrassing is that I just leased a 2021 Signature and wrongly assumed, with all the onboard, included features, that wireless carplay without doing my homework to ensure the vehicle had the features that were important to me.
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    2019 CX-9 battery dies after 4 days

    There is a TSB for the power liftgate control module and it draws too much juice when sitting. You may want to investigate that. I had a similar issue on my CX5. No more dead batteries after it was replaced.
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    Will Mazda6 alloy rims fit on a CX-5?

    That sticker with peeking creature is awesome. Oh and the Baby On Board is also a gem. These are the kind of stickers I enjoy seeing on cars!
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    2016~2021 Battery drain in 2020 Mazdas

    Subscribing as I am dealing with this issue on my 2020 CX5 Signature. Battery has been dead twice. Both times, car was left unlocked. When it's locked, it doesn't seem to drain the battery. I called my dealer and they have ordered the replacement part.
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    2019 CX-5 2.5T Misfire

    I am still waiting to see pictures of your winter wheel setup!
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    Unexplained noise while driving...Wind noise, squealing?

    Here's an idea. Put some painters' tape, or some other kind that comes off easily...try taping all around the windshield and take it for a drive on a day when it's doing it. See if that stops it. If it does, then you're on the track to solving it. The noise reminds me of when you blow between...
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    2021 Signature: Why no wireless Apple Carplay?

    There's more to this story. Mazda actually includes wireless carplay in the '21 models (CX5 and CX9) here in Canada...but it's because we didn't get the new Mazda Connect system that is in the 2019 and up 3's. So they've added the feature to the ancient old Mazda Connect system, which seem so...
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    CX-9 2.5T Engine Replacement

    Mine was a 2018. Another member’s was a 2019.