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    2016~2020 Blacked out 2019 CX-9 (dealer special)

    Blacked out MG It looks amazing on Machine Gray, I would say even better than it does on black. I found him on Instagram, but his account is private now. Instead you can google "instagram daddys_wagon" for more pics.
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    2016~2020 New CX-9 Grand Touring - A *build* thread

    https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?123867819-Power-Commander-PC41-w-BT-for-Madza-CX Pedal Commander is a great mod, and if you do some research, you'll find a lot of positive reviews.
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    Interior cabin rattling noise

    My problem is solved. I took my CX-9 to Fremont Mazda, and their service director (Rami) had one of their master techs tackle the problem. The tech fixed it by lubing the parts underneath the seat. If your local dealership cant figure it out, then they should contact Rami. He was great.
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    Interior cabin rattling noise

    I don't have a car seat, and I've looked under the front passenger seat very thoroughly in the past (dropped a few things down there). It seems like it has to do with the rails for the rear passenger side seat, but since it's not that frequent, I kept forgetting to ask the dealership about it...
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    Interior cabin rattling noise

    Does anyone have a rattle from the passenger side rear seat? I tried searching the forums, and mine doesn't have to do with the center arm rest or rubber weather strip on the doors/windows. It sounds metallic, and it only happens over certain bumpy roads.
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    Anyone Here Get Their 2.5T Tuned Yet?

    I'm also curious.. is anyone running a stable tune on their 2016+ CX-9 yet?
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    new owner with some interesting findings

    Please keep us updated with anything that you upgrade on your CX-9. I'm interested in performance upgrades, but it seems like there isn't much of a market for it yet.