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    On the fence....

    I also considered the RDX prior to purchasing my CX5 Signature. While the RDX is a great vehicle, I didn*t think it warranted the increased cost. Further, there is only one local Acura dealer in my area and surrounded vicinity and I hate being held hostage to one dealer. Not that Mazda has...
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    2017~2021 Recommendation for CX5 Cover

    Hi Im looking for a good outdoor car cover for my 2019 CX-5. Ill need to park it outside for 3 - 4 weeks and want to protect it from bird droppings, tree sap, etc. Its typically in the garage, but when I travel it is parked out in the elements unattended. I keep it waxed, but any sap or...
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    Going with a new Sig!

    Congrats and good luck with the new wheels!
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    Anyone installed door cup guards/PPF?

    I also had Xpel professionally installed which included door cups. Soul Red.
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    CX-5 Refresh

    Paddle shifters. And a quicker system boot up. The current interface takes too long IMO.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Your discount is comparable to me, I bought Sig in MA about a month ago. At my time, tHere were no rebates and I was not a former Mazda owner to receive a loyalty rebate. I live in NY but did better by working with a dealer in MA. Good luck!
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Good luck. After driving the rental you will be happy to get your Mazda back!
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    2017~2021 New Mazda Owner!

    Congrats and welcome. likewise I purchased a new Sig 3 weeks ago and my first Mazda as well. Hoping to keep it a long time. So far, Very happy with my decision. Plus, this forum has been a wealth of info.
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    1,0000 Mile Update

    Good to know. My former car, Mini JCW, had lots of bite and I was used to last minute braking. Noticed with the new CX5 I was over shooting my stopping point. Glad to hear it*s designed that way and I need to adjust. Only have 300 miles on it, so still learning.
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    Backup cam

    My bad... I stated earlier my Cam is engaged after backing up to park. I paid more attention, after backing up and putting it drive v it engages the FRoNt camera. This must be used when Pharrell parking. Stupid me = this is a cool function. Having never had front cameras, I assumed it was...
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    19 Signature Vibration/Shake

    Adding input FWIW. Took delivery of Sig on May 31. So far, 320 miles. I have a truck which I*ve been using as my daily driver, CX sits in garage. Drove today (after reading this thread last night), did NOT notice any vibration. It wasn*t driven for several days. I don*t know how to tell...
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    Signature mpg

    FWIW - my MPG is calculated (by the car ) as 25. I only have 300 miles and filled the tank once. Other are saying the MPG calculated by the car are close. This is a mix of around town (not city per se) and highway, no cruise control. Also, not in Sport mode. I*m happy with this, but will...
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    Backup cam

    Thanks. So mine is working as others / as designedly Hawaii and Sig note above. I won*t embarrass myself by calling the dealer to complain....
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    Backup cam

    What*s more annoying to me, is after I back into my garage and turn the car off, when I start the next day, (headed forward) the rear camera is still engaged. This happens all the time. This does not happen in my 2013 vehicle. Anyone else have this problem? (And the slowness of the overall...