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    No sound from left speaker and volume controls nav not music in Carplay

    I just started having this problem and came here to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. CarPlay has been working fine for me since it first became available for the CX-5. I suspect this issue is related to iOS 13.4.1, which I just installed a few days ago.
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    Switching Radio Stations

    You can also press the music button on the center console which will take you to the radio screen. Once you're done there, press and hold the home button to get back to Waze. I'm not sure that will help much on curving roads and I'm sure the steering wheel button is safer, but it's one way to...
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    Best CX5 Phone Mount

    It does require a metal plate, which I inserted between my phone and its case. Never really noticed it was there. The manufacturer says that if the plate is positioned correctly toward the bottom of the phone it will not interfere with wireless charging, but I never tested that.
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    Best CX5 Phone Mount

    I had a good experience with the Kenu Airframe Magnetic prior to getting CarPlay: Now I keep one in my bag for rental cars when traveling. The only thing to note is that the clamp mechanism cracked on the first one I bought, but Kenu replaced...
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    Sport Mode...again

    That's what I refer to as "combat mode".
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    2018 CX 5 Low Speed Transmission Hesitation/ Jerk / Lurch

    Where did that chart come from? If nothing else, perhaps it will help some of us describe the issues we experience with words the dealer should understand. In the past I have always felt that many things were lost in translation between the service advisor and the technician.
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    2017~2021 Quick question about the CX5

    I consider this to be an "issue". Take your time on the test drive and see if it matters to you. Note that there are multiple (but related) issues in the thread but they all have to...
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    2018 CX 5 Low Speed Transmission Hesitation/ Jerk / Lurch

    My transmission has been reset twice and I can confirm that this is what happens. Also, I brought up the possibility of low transmission fluid to my dealer at my last oil change and asked them to check it. They assured me it was fine and there was no change. That's not the same as "we...
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    2019 CX5 GT - Auto Hold/Jerky Acceleration/Active Cruise

    Take a look at this thread... it's long and it covers a variety of issues but one or more of them is probably what you're experiencing. Apparently this behavior is not a "bug", it's...
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    2017~2021 What Gas Mileage are you getting with Cylinder Deactivation?

    2018 GT w/PP AWD. 24k miles total, Central Indiana (pretty flat), commute is about 50% 40-50 mph, and 50% freeway at 65-70 mph. According to Fuelly, over 75 fill-ups I'm averaging 28.6 mpg with a high of 32.3 mpg. For my commute (according to the trip computer that comes on when I turn the car...
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    station move up/down greyed out

    Are you doing it while driving? It's been a while since I've done this, but I think you have to be stationary for all of the functions to work.
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    2017~2021 Love My New 2019 CX-5 Touring...Except for the Seats

    I'm the same 5'10" and lean, and have the same left cheek issue (but no issue with head/neck). I'm fine for trips under an hour, but if they are longer than that I start to have issues. For the most part I just suck it up, but here is something that has provided temporary relief. Admittedly it...
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    Curious about iPhone location while using CarPlay

    I currently put mine in the left cupholder and I have a short 12" cable that goes into the armrest. Not totally ideal, but it's been fine for several months.
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    2018 CX 5 Low Speed Transmission Hesitation/ Jerk / Lurch

    Thanks for sharing this. The next time someone says "Hey, why is your transmission so jerky?" I will say "Oh it's simple. Here, watch this entire 12-minute video..."
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    2018 CX 5 Low Speed Transmission Hesitation/ Jerk / Lurch

    I think there are a few separate issues within this general topic that get conflated, making them hard to pinpoint and discuss on a forum like this. However, based on my experience I would strongly disagree with your statement that I've quoted above. In standard mode (which I consider to be...