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Recent content by Exspeedaway

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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Just installed some brand new Weathertech floor mats for the front. Really like the quality and fit.
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    Who else loves their CX-5?

    After 19 month's of ownership still love my CX5, just missing the extra zoomzoom from the 2.5.
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    Play in rear-view mirror?

    I know what you mean's about the "Mazdaspeedforum". I was there for 4 year's and you do need to have a thick skin over there.
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    Those Taking Delivery of 2014 CX-5 w/ 2.5L Power Plant

    There is no such thing as a turbo on a 2.5 CX7, you are probably referring to the 2.3turbo, the same i had on my previous Speed3. Or the plain 2.5 they put on late model CX7.
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    too many of them

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    AC smell, any success solution?

    What i do is when i get close from my destination i turn they A/C off and crank up the fan to dry all the air conduct. It seem's to work since i dont have any bad odour.
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    CX-5 Offroad ! Russia !

    Is right ^^ The new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk might be another alternatives. http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2014-jeep-cherokee-trailhawk-v-6-4x4-first-drive-review
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    Can't get comfortable!!

    I went around all the setting so many time the last 1 1/2 year. Every time my gf use my ride i need 2,3 day's to get comfortable again. I am only 5,7" wich probably doesn't help either but in my previous Speed3, i never had this kind of problem.
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    too many of them

    I will like to see the sales number here in Qubec, i come accross more CX5 than Escape and CRV here. Went to a familly reunion yesterday just too find out that my cousin just got a 2014 white GT. At the last familly reunion she ask me about my purchase and 3 month's later she got her's.
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    Nah dont bother Redline, I had small 17" grey wheel, now i have small 17" matte black wheel. He is right in some way, the 17" wheel set-up do look a little small but i prefered it in black. Anyway i didnt do it for other i did it for me and i like it like that.
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    I cannot find what's wrong :( Ok i re-link one of the pic's.
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    Okay received my plastidip cans yesterday and doing my rims this afternoon. I will post some pics when im done.
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    Why does every dealer insist on Diesel

    So going 10% over speed limit will get you a fine?
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    So the 2 cans i ordered wont be enough, i guess i should ordered 2 more cans right away. Thank's shinjyo.