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    Water coming in through roof rail, water channel...NEED HELP

    I have an excessive amount of water that comes into the rear cargo area on the drivers side. I have tested with a hose and it seems to be coming in under the black plastic that covers the roof channel on driver side. This is a 2006 Mazda 6i hatchback. Is there a way to remove that plastic piece...
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    Trans fluid and spark plugs

    We have a 2008 Mazda CX-9 touring front wheel drive that we have had since 2009. Several years ago we gave the vehicle to our oldest daughter, who has driven it all through college and now continues to drive the vehicle and said she wants to drive it to the end of the earth. It has 101,000...
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    Had to share but didn't know where to post

    I was on the way home from picking up pizza and had my father in law with me. I'm showing him the new car. He's a car guy...Camaro SS, Z06, and many others. Anyway, I disable traction control and took off fairly quickly from a light showing him how the tires would spin from a roll. I guess we...
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    window tint

    I can't find the thread on tinting and what color/ gradient the back windows are. I remember someone saying 20%. I have 20% on my GTP and it is way darker than the factory stuff on the CX9. All I want to do RIGHT NOW is match the fronts. You can order kits off of Ebay to do this...already...
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    Tranny fluid and filter change how to????

    tranny filter and change .... Thanks for the thorough replys guys. Good information to have. I like the idea of the 30/15/15 method. I may try that one. 10-4 on cleaning the magnets. What about the filter? Did I miss that in the post? Is this a serviceable item? Dean
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    Tranny fluid and filter change how to????

    We are approaching 30k miles on this car and I am wanting to change the fluid and filter. We bought it pre-owned so we aren't sure of the conditions or the way it was driven prior to us owning it. Plus, I'm a preventive maintenance freak. Has anyone done this? And I don't mean has anyone taken...
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    Replacement wipers question

    wiper refils I ordered OEM replacments from Mazdapartscheap.com. Ther were $21.00 shipped to my home. I loike the OEM wiper design so I went with the refill.
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    Getting wax off of non- painted plastic trim????

    How do you remove wax or polish from all of the trim on this vehicle. The dealer I purchased mine from buffed the rear bumper to remove a scratch and got wax all in the textured lower section of the rear bumper cover. What would you use to get that crap out of there? Dean
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    Chrome liftgate piece

    Does anyone know the part number for the chrome liftgate piece on the GT model? I have the Touring and would like to install that part to brighten up the rear. Thanks, Dean