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    New 2019 CX9 Loving it

    No, same logic in 2019 as well. I believe the timeout is just a few seconds.
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    New (to us) 2016 CX-9

    It was essentially trouble free for almost 11 years and ~90K miles (half of that in the first 3 years). I have only done required periodic maintenance, and there were a couple of recalls - one AC system and another for Takata airbag. I'd probably keep it longer as I really liked the car, but...
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    New (to us) 2016 CX-9

    My previous car was 2008 Mazda CX-7 (2.3L Turbo, 242 hp if I recall correctly). I've had a CX-5 as a loaner in 2017 and wasn't too impressed with it. It felt more cramped compared to my CX-7 and the engine felt underpowered. Next time (in late 2018) I got a loaner CX-9 (2018 model in GT trim)...
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    I installed one last week. It seemed to be booting quicker at first, but looks like it's the same after all. Even tried to reset to factory settings just in case. Apple Carplay still works well. Can't comment on Android Pie as I don't have a phone with one. Tried Android Auto with my old Nexus...
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    2016~2020 CarPlay, Android Auto and the HUD

    HUD shows route guidance when using built-in navigation but doesnt show it when navigating with CarPlay or Android Auto.
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    Camera software update? Will it happen?

    Well, yeah, in my experience, their knowledge is usually not very deep (there are exceptions, of course). For instance, they had no clue how park assist works in Audi, so I had to figure out myself. At VW dealership they couldnt answer my question whether Atlas in its most expensive trim has...
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    Camera software update? Will it happen?

    Actually, Q7 second row seats slide independently back and forth, but to access the third row you need to fold the seat back down, then push on the handle to open it and pull upwards. The rear part of the folded seat disconnects from the rails and with assistance from hydraulics moves to a...
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    Camera software update? Will it happen?

    I agree with the previous poster. The image quality is poor, but it is good enough to be usable. At least the image quality doesn*t matter much when parking in tight spots, the only time it would benefit from higher quality image is when using wide forward or wide rear view. It would help to see...
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    Why did you purchase a CX-9?

    It had 2.0T engine. V6 would push the price closer to 30K difference for the trim level that is equivalent or superior to Mazda*s GT. V6 is better, but 2 liter one was OK too. Not as much torque as CX-9 and turbo lag is a bit more noticeable, especially in modes other than dynamics.
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    Why did you purchase a CX-9?

    We were looking for a larger car to replace my 2008 Mazda CX-7. We briefly considered a minivan, but it takes all fun out of driving, so we started looking into 3-row SUVs. Naturally, Mazda CX-9 was our first choice, but I also looked at other vehicles in this class, but nothing out there looks...
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    Snow Tires Cx-7 Awd

    I prefer Nokian & Michelin (X-Ice series).
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    What's the best Fuel to use on a CX-7?

    Mazda does NOT recommend any additives. Personally, I prefer Marathon (93 premium) here in Michigan.
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    New Map Disk Coming Soon

    Oh, yeah, that would be great!
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    New CX-7 owner

    Congratulations! I've got black cherry mica CX-7 GT AWD (+tech package) last week, and I love this color. I was looking for silver, but it looks a lot better in black cherry.
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    New Map Disk Coming Soon

    my version is 1000 2006 v2