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    2018 Mazda CX-5 jerky at low speeds

    I'd contact Mazda corporate about that. It was a transmission issue that was fixed with a software update.
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    First new tires for my 2019 CX-5 Signature

    Can you post some pictures of the tire tread? It should be easy to tell if they are at 2/32. I'd go with the Continentals.
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    Latest version available for infotainment system with 10" screen?

    I tried updating two CX-5s yesterday (one with 11020, one with 11022) and neither detected an update available.
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    Been following MotorTrend's long term CX-30 test...

    It was never meant to do lane centering. Mazda believes that lane centering systems take too much control away from the driver (and after having a rental car with lane centering, I have to agree).
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    Been following MotorTrend's long term CX-30 test...

    What does "lack of straight ahead stability" mean?
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    Battery draw on 2021 CX-30

    Did they check if the battery was charged?
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    Battery draw on 2021 CX-30

    I've seen that message on cars that have sat on the lot too long without starting or after really cold temps, and sometimes right off the ship from Japan. Putting the battery on a charger usually fixes it
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    Check Your Spare Tire Pressure

    The Mazda 3/CX-30 show individual tire pressure. It will be coming to the rest of the line soon
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    2021 Mazda Connect Soft Reset...How?

    Go into the Settings screen and see if there is an update available.
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    2014 CX-5: All Warning Lights Going Crazy, Help!

    99% chance of it being the battery/charging system
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    Transmission issues (Loss of power)?

    Can you take a picture of the Fuel Economy Monitor screen under applications? That might help give a better understanding of what might be going on.
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    Transmission issues (Loss of power)?

    What do you mean that the car says 29 mpg but it feels like 25? If you don't trust the counter, what are you using to gauge your mileage?
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    Dipstick - Ever Notice This?

    Man, your OCD is gonna hate it when the next gen CX5s come out and the oil change interval goes to 10k miles like it is on the current Mazda 3s and CX30s
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    Am I getting a good rate? 2021 CX-5 Touring (Long Island, NY)

    Interest rates are very individual things. No one here can tell you what a "good" rate is for your situation
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    Transmission issues (Loss of power)?

    If they don't find anything wrong, you could also ask that they update the PCM and TCM software.