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Recent content by DrTraci

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    CA Emissions & CX-5/SkyActive

    You are correct about the 7500mi to make it used. This is the approach we are going to try. It is just a PITA. We attempted to do everything the correct way, and sometimes, THEY just won't let you. Thanks.
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    CA Emissions & CX-5/SkyActive

    Exactly what we are gonna have to do. We looked at doing that initially also (much less tax in CO), but the Police in WA are pretty stringent about pulling over OOS cars and if they see someones license as in state, they will tag you good (they want that tax).
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    CA Emissions & CX-5/SkyActive

    Update: Daughter had dealer (in CO where we bought her the car) on the line with WA registration person, and they said that they would not register it in WA because the invoice does not say it is a CA certified emissions car. No amount of argument made any difference. The registration person...
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    CA Emissions & CX-5/SkyActive

    thatwazmysn, I guess (looking in from the Pacific), WA is to the left of CA LOL, so they decided to go along with the sometimes absurd rules. Actually it is just that, my understanding is that WA voted to adopt CA standards (for better or worse). Mazda3UR, Yeh, I saw the Tier2 Bin5-A / LEV II...
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    CA Emissions & CX-5/SkyActive

    So we bought my daughter one of the 1st CX-5's in Colorado and drove it out to her in Seattle, WA where she lives. We paid taxes correctly for the state of WA (did not want to mess with having issues). Our dealer was aware that this is what we intended to do. Now after trying to get it...
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    Coming soon.... my diesel

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    First drive of the Diesel - Review and Photos/Videos

    DougNuts is spot on. I bought my 1st diesel in 1994 and never looked back (now I have 3, Jetta, Touareg, Dodge). Most Americans won't even test drive them. Everyone of my friends that I have badgered into test driving one, are now converts and would never go back. Back before 2004, the cost...
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    First drive of the Diesel - Review and Photos/Videos

    Great report inodes.. Thanks for putting in the time.
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    Just got my white CX-5!!

    Congrats.. Like the white.. BTW, as far as BSM goes, I like it also (it works well), but be careful when going back to vehicles without it... (:)
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    0 to 62 in 9.4 seconds

    +1 Can't wait
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    Finally... and Australia review of the Diesel

    Hope you are right DougNuts. If it gets into the $40k-$50k range then we are getting into the price range of some larger diesel cars/trucks. iNodes, does diesel cost more than your premium (high octane) gas over their?
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    Just took delivery of CX-5 - Initial impressions

    Congrats mazdadude... While I handed off the CX-5 we bought for our daughter 2 weeks ago after driving it from Denver to Seattle, I have to say I really was quite impressed with it. As you mention, the handling is great. I drove her car for almost 2000mi, and never had any concerns about the...
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    From what I understand, it it pretty easy plug & play, so maybe somewhere down the road.
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    Wifes new car

    Great color... Congrats.
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    1450mi Trip Denver to Seattle (2 days)

    --- One more question. Did you try turning off TCS and notice a difference in mpg? Did not attempt this.