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Recent content by dougdel

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    2016~2020 ...lock all doors from outside while engine is running (2019 CX-9)

    Turning the key twice may unlock all doors.
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    2016~2020 ...lock all doors from outside while engine is running (2019 CX-9)

    When my '16 was new, I made a Xmas trip home to Winnipeg and stayed over night in Bemidji Minnesota. It was -30 the next morning and the car had no block heater having being bought in Ontario. I was uncertain whether it would start, but went out and it started with no problem. I wanted to...
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    Mazda radar disabled in cold weather?

    The speedometer/car symbol just to the right of the gear indicator in your instrument panel will be green if the radar cruise is activated, white if not. In your photo it is white, indicating that the non-radar cruise control is activated, and the car will continue to drive at the cruise speed...
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    Mazda radar disabled in cold weather?

    Quote: "What if my radar wouldn*t have any messages displayed but it won*t detect the car right in front of me? It would just accelerate like if nothing was there. Very scary stuff." Are you sure the cruise control is on radar cruise? Three pushes on the "Mode On" button on the steering wheel...
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    2018 CX-9 steeting wheel leather cracks

    No cracking on my 2016 Signature after 2 years and 50,000km. It is the Canadian model with heated steering wheel. Never treated with any sort of leather conditioner, but it is always parked indoors which may be the most important factor.
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    2008 cx-9 GT Automatic/Manual Mode

    My 2013 CX-9 showed the gear the transmission was in in both manual and automatic modes. My new 2916 indicates the gear in manual mode only. If I care what gear the transmission is in, I just flick the gear shift lever to manual for a moment. I kind of miss the feature, but the new car is so...
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    2016 CX-9 Pricing

    Although there is no button marked "Brake Hold", the same result is obtained by applying the parking brake, then simply stepping on the gas when you are ready to move off. The parking brake will release automatically.
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    Photo request: up-close photo of '16 steering wheel stitching on signature model

    I have a Canadian model Signature. It lacks the brown steering wheel stitching, but it is heated. Maybe it's a trade off? With our current weather (-15C), I love the heat!