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    A funny thing happened on my way....

    Well I love my mazdaspeed 6 and I'll be damned if I ever get rid of it...especially when it seems like a conspiracy from Hiroshima to put me into another Mazda product. LOL. My beloved mazda staged a great performance yesterday morning when I got inspired to start this thread. I went in...
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    A funny thing happened on my way....

    This thread is for all the things that go wrong with our Mazda products. In light of some serious situations all posts should try and find some humor in it. Have at it my fellow speed owners as life is constantly throwing us lemons!
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    Mazda Rotary Fair 2012

    Hey Antoine! I love your posts man, but don't they have any love for the speed6 over there? (2thumbs)
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    Premature rotor wear

    I understand where you are coming from. Man I've had my car since 2006 and since then I've put 2 sets of tires on the bitch ( I need another set now). I replaced my front rotors with powerslots and greenstuff brake pads. I extended my warranty at my dealearship before 36000 miles, so I go to...
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    Ssp 86/87

    I got mine three days ago and I want to do it, but I don't think they'll replace or vent the turbo unless they have a documented case of the white smoke...which, of course I have experienced but not really documented with the dealership. I'll call them today and find out where they stand.
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    My Mazdaspeed 6 ''Stanced Style'' From Canada (Quebec City)

    That car is F***in sick!!! Where did those tail lights come from?
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    Wet floor...

    Is anyone else with a speed 6 having issues with door trim fitment? The reason I ask is because the door trim, where the bottom of the window meets the top of the door, is a bit off. I have experienced hearing water slosh around the inside of the door before. I have turned it in to Crystal...
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    What is this in my MS6 engine bay?

    I think its for ambient temperatures?(boom06)
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    A/C stopped working

    Check the ac lines. I've been driving my speed 6 for about two months without ac. Mazda said the ac lines are leaking and the repair will be about $435 if they cut me some slack!!! F-that! My friend and I are going to put some dye in it and replace the lines ourselves! They sell both sets...
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    What Rims Are These?

    those are breytons on the speed 6. they are on sale at tire rack under two brand names breyton and B.E. something or another.
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    Mint OEM Speed6 wheels

    i pm'd you twice.
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    Mint OEM Speed6 wheels

    Will you ship to NJ?
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    2011 5.0 Mustang vs MS6.

    Ford is kickin ass right now! I don't see anything touching that new 302 Boss! I love that car! If I had the cash I'd buy one right now! The only problem is that it would be a collector's item. Keeping that car stock would make it a better investment...if you can call any car an investment...
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    Mazda Forums Official Mazda of the Month (April)

    Also one of my favorites! Congratulations!