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    2017 CX-5 GT wipers sucks...

    I live in Montreal, Canada. I bought my CX-5 in November. I am so disappointed by the wipers they provided me. We had rain most of the time in november and it's so low quality. I contact my dealer for more details about these wipers... It's worse in the winter as you can see (I turned all the...
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    2017 CX-5 Wireless charging under climate Completed!!

    That's really awesome!!! I wish I was handy like most of you..
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    2017 Wheel Downsizing / Off Set

    Thanks so much for the info. I am deciding wether I should buy these for $500 CAD: or these for $100, they were previously on a Mazda 3. I would personally go cheaper but I am not sure of the offset and width, I will have to see them in person. My car was delivered with winter tires (Goodyear...
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    2017 Wheel Downsizing / Off Set

    Noob question.. So I am looking for winter tires with mags, I found these but I am not certain if they would be okay on my 2017 CX-5: So from the picture, I can say that they are 17", what size is the best for winter (Canada)? And on top of that, I'll have to instal TPMS.... The original...
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    Leather protection, Paint protection & Car starter

    As mentioned in my very first post, my new 2017 CX-5 GT will be delivered Monday next week. I can't wait to sit on it!!!! I need your advices: 1. Should I get a leather protection job, my dealer charges me $300 CAD + tax. Do you have recommendations? 2. I've read posts for the paint protection...