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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Control arms and rear trailing arms and front and rear sway bar links. Inner and outer tie rods...Also found a transmission leak from the side pan... Anyone know the torque specs on those bolts? Can't be much. They're 10mm. I'm guessing around 3.4kgf Poor girl's dirty....
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    P5 ECUs

    And yes I'm asking questions and making trouble on purpose... I love how cheap this car is to repair and easy to work on (generally.. if it hadn't been sitting in a flood). But it needs a little more power. Not a ton, but a little. My Expedition can drive more spiritedly. Granted, the Expo came...
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    P5 ECUs

    What about replacing our normal ECU with a more programmable one? One that say Versatune will work with? I know they're not a direct swap, probably some sort of adapter harness will be necessary... But most of the things that control our car are broken out into separate boxes.. and those of us...
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    PCB's Unbuild Thread

    Read this whole thread... I am now frustrated by your frustrations.. lol Once Texas is done with 87 million hurricanes and tropical storms this year, I should move there. I hate the cold. I hate cold tools the most. Nothing worse than grabbing a wrench and it being so cold it hurts your bones...
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    PCB's Unbuild Thread

    Bookmarked... Thanks!
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    Final Protege Ignition System Thread

    So never any results?
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    P5 ECUs

    Cool. thanks for the infos! 😁 What about things like MSD? Is that out of the question? and how would that work with EFI, since most diagrams I see online are all about Dizzys?
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    P5 ECUs

    So from what I understand, the P5 ECU really isn't tunable.. is there a way to install MSD ignition? I figure is Megasquirt ppl have figured out how to remap Engine management, it must be able to be done.. probably not easy though.... Also, what's the difference with the 03 MSP ECU where it...
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    Her name is Daytona

    Pics coming as soon as it's road Worthy again