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    Protege MAF sensor

    Came off a 2003 protege5 with 30k. $40 shipped USA Text 9173454448
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    Mazda MPV wiper stalk for intermittent. $45 shipped

    These Are plug and play for 3rd gen Proteges. Just the wiper stalk... $45 shipped. Text 9173454448
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    Dave B Gauge rings. Brush aluminum $75 Shipped

    These are the last batch of the Dave b brush rings. They are the best fitment available from Dave. $75 shipped USA. Text 917-345-4448
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    FS NYC : Protege guage surrund with LED, MPV Intermitten wiper stalk, and air flow

    Guage surrund. $ 20 plus shipping MPV Wiper stalk. $ 45 plus shipping Air flow sensor $ 40 plus shipping I'm located NYC
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    Need Protege5 Exhaust downpipe, and front side engine mount

    Hi.. im looking for the Exhaust downpipe... its an 'L' shaped pipe with an o2 sensor that connects the manifold and cat. Also i need the front side engine mount for a automatic Protege5. i'm located NYC. Please send pics and priced shipped to 11358. thanks.
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    Protege cabin air filter Installation

    what's the part# for the all the parts needed?? can we order from local mazda dealer in US??
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    What have you done to your P5 today?! post #9
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    What have you done to your P5 today?! post #9.
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    A bunch of show car parts for sale, check em out.

    detail pics of the seat covers?
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    Loving the Goodyear Gatorback belts

    yeah i have seem those sockets before, but been the stripped nut is in that tight spot no socket will fit in there. So i hope the vise grip works
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    How to remove STRIPPED Power steering lock nut?? HELP!!

    Thanks man. I'll try the pb stuff, and vise grip method. Hope it works, or it's going to the shops.
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Tried to replace my Sepentine belts, and stripped the F-ing PS lock down nut. FTML!!!!!!
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    Loving the Goodyear Gatorback belts

    Ok Thanks. I'll try that.
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    Drive Belts FYI

    i f-up using a open end 14mm wrench. and it's now completely rounded.