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    Suspension/Tire Rubbing?

    actually cno is correct , your suspension should be stiff enuff that they dont contact the perch but it will happen on hard bumps. i have the same setup but with stock tockicos. the setup is good but i experienced two totally different driving prowless on cornering from 16 to 17 inch rims. with...
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    my Idle (plz help)

    it isnt just cleaning out your egr valve, the egr port in the intake manifold gets clogged its oddly shaped. when you remove your egr valve which is two bolts inspect it , if its bad just replace it and with a new gasket, next get soft wire clothes hanger &/ pipe cleaner with carb cleaner and...
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    New owner and member -got a motor mount question

    the motor mounts are slightly different from automatic to manuals
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    Is there an EGR valve recall for free replacement???

    egr concern 2.0 this egr concern sucks and always will be a problem. as far as recall there isnt one, but theres an updated part. the difference is a heat shield added to the egr which really doesnt do much. its easy to replace the egr yourself on the 2.0 one connector and two bolts. but dont...
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    Upgrading Door Speakers - Thoughts?

    i have had both the pioneer 6x8 are surprisely good with an amp but if you have more to spend polks are good too i currently have pioneers with an eq alpine amp & headunit good wires and you'll be surprised how this moderately priced set up sounds great
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    Solution To Flickering Fan Speed 2 or 3 A/C

    im an ex mazda tech and im sure its a circuit board problem, it was a design flaw. but if in your instance it was a wire concern u looked out but any hows doesnt hurt to try. btw what did u do extactly to correct this concern
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    you should difenitly servie your fluid, every 30k miles or when its dirty. not for nothing doesnt hurt to do it at lower intervels if you could. whats ba is never doing it or changing it late. a drain and fill is fine, a flush is even better, if the technician actually does it.