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    How to remove dash trim? Mazda Protege ES 2002

    Hey guys! So I removed the radio trim so far and plastidipped it white and it looks great! Pics up soon. But next I wanted to remove the trim over my steering wheel that surrounds the gauges! How to I remove that? Also wanted to remove the plates by the cup holders and shifter. Any help or...
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    custom emblems?

    Have you ever seen "Mazda batman?" Google it and check it out. I like those Mazda emblems.
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    What else can I do to my 2002 Protege ES 2.0 auto?

    I'm on my tablet, please pardon my grammar lol.
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    What else can I do to my 2002 Protege ES 2.0 auto?

    I bought some k power coils! And I removed the dash trim and past I dipped white! Pics later, but more mods as whast else? Also can any of you direct me on how to install headlights? I have the black trimmed ones and actually wanted to see mods that can be done to them
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    How to: Install Sparco Steering wheel on Protege 5's, MSP's, ES

    I noticed your dash over your meters are a different color! Did you remove it and painted it? If so, how? I wanted to do that, I already removed the center console and past I'd it white.
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    What else can I do to my 2002 Protege ES 2.0 auto?

    This was my first car and I finished paying it off this year so I wanted to have some fun. I have a large income and wanted to throw money into this vehicle but don't wanna go as far as changing the transmission. The car has "paddle shift" so I've heard and here's what I have on it so far: -AEM...