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    CX 5 Sport Rim touch up paint

    Curious on "pretty well"... pics would be great. I've been looking for this myself, and have had good results with Duplicolor + Clear Coat. Dupli color has numerous different metallic grays.
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    CX-5 Concepts at Osaka Automesse

    New CX-5 branding/emblem is a little bigger and easier to read. The CX-5 continues to be Mazda's most important product and biggest seller.
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    What Auto Braking?

    There are two levels of AEB on the 17+, camera based only (windshield camera), standard on all 17+ and camera based + radar based. Chrome trim plastic emblem Radar emblem
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    Awkward Reflection

    Haven't had this problem. During daylight hours, I'm usually using polarized sunglasses, which reduce glare better than regular sunglasses. You could easily vinyl wrap them if you're having an issue, though.
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    Current selling price for CX-5?

    Sounds like a great price. So that's 1,750 in incentives total and 10% off or more of MSRP for that price, and effectively 0% APR for the money factor.
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    Cylinder Deactivation Update

    This system is a minor debacle for Mazda. There are multiple reported failures in 2018s. I wouldn't recommend someone buy a used 2018 CX-5 because of this. If there are any failures reported in 2019 CXs, I'll probably be returning my lease (3 year) instead of buying it out. That is why the...
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    What Auto Braking?

    Time to find a giant cardboard box to find out.
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    What Auto Braking?

    Good test! A giant empty cardboard box should work well.
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    Easiest smiting @Chris_Top_Her ever had
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    What Auto Braking?

    Ah, didn't realize it was on the Mazda as well. Good to know. On my CX I use a hitch mounted stainless steel bar to protect against minor accidents.
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    What Auto Braking?

    I believe there is no auto braking in reverse. I've been in new Lexus vehicles which have this feature linked to the ultrasonic parking sensors, good idea. The current gen CX uses a camera system and on activsense equipped models, an additional radar sensor built into the front emblem. I've...
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    Current selling price for CX-5?

    Yeah but they have no state income tax. That more than makes up for it, right?
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    Sad day, but it protected me well!

    Got a pic of what the rear dashcam looks like from the outside?
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    Are you waiting for a third-generation CX-5?

    Surprising, but it comes from no less than the president of the company.
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    Are you waiting for a third-generation CX-5?

    I really don't understand the redesign. The old key looks like it's from a luxury vehicle and feels nice, with easy to index buttons. Wouldn't stop me from buying a 2020 instead of a 2019 now, but it does make you wonder what the point of redesigning it was - it certainly isn't better and can't...