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    Spy Shots: 2008 Mazda 6

    with gas prices approching $3.50 a gallon this summer, and already heading that way, mazda should be thinking about bringing back the 323 hatchback from 90-94 with a modern redesign.. not about building 1950's buick sized mazda6's . then again, i'm prejudiced to that 'old' 323 design. ;)
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    Spy Shots: 2008 Mazda 6

    i'd think a new bumper design for front and rear may be in order as well, since they a.) dont have the front on it, and as the tailpipes in the mule extend way beyond the one shown. also, do i see an intercooler? edit: maybe it's just the condensor.
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    4WD??? riiight

    it's the all-elusive mazdaspeed blur-wheel-drive!
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    Atenza Taillights?

    i can get anything you need for the Atenza straight from the dealer, or even sometimes slightly used at a discount. PM me.
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    Mazdaspeed (Not Mazdaspeed Protege) Struts on P5 ? all have been pwned once again.. by TheMan. beat ya to it by days, not weeks. who da man?
  6. C lol
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    Mazda 3 Service Manual - Torrent/Direct Download

    got it on the first try....
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    Condolences to Vienna wreck victims

    you know, i'm not trying to pee on anyone's parade here. but has anyone considered this family just lost a son to a car crash in a car he thought was cool, and was racing it? and ya'll are going to turn around, as enthusiasts of the instrument that killed him, and send condolences? it's like a...
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    new san diego import forums

    i just started a new local forums tonight.... not much there, but then again, there was'nt much on my other forums when i started either. if you are in the san diego are, please go sign up! *cheers to the new local forums!!* (i noticed most of the california...
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    Americas Army Lovers

    i have the original distribution of the game, mailed to me when it came out. i also am banned from thier forums.
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    My method of quit smoking

    then i must say, you are missing out on quite the yarn. Red Storm Rising was by far the best. by the end of chapter one, i did'nt put it down till halfway through and that's no small book.
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    My method of quit smoking

    i dunno about you... but i thought Red Storm Rising was better.
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    Mazda Dicks MSP owner revisited

    listen up. when MAZDA quotes the faq, you'd do well to give it a re-read (not pointed at ANYONE)
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    Jose Quotes

    i'm having a rotten fucking day. i'm sorry if i stepped on any toes.
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    Protegers unite!

    i need more! you guys really gunna let a ford thunderbird pound me?!?!?