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    bwalt's build log - Turbo MSP with all the good stuff

    Hello. I'm back. Still having fun driving and modding my MSP! I have a lot of changes planned and will post up progress here. Highlights include fully built block and head, GT28RS turbo, Haltech ems, Mfactory gears + many, many supporting mods. It's gone 12.8 @ 112mph in the quarter mile and...
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    Haltech PS1000, J&S Safeguard

    J&S Sadeguard Interceptor Knock Control. Retards ignition timing when knock is detected. I used this with the haltech and it worked great. $350 USD Shipped Haltech PS1000 with wiring harness, painless fuse block, boost solenoid, coolant and intake temp sensors. Ran this setup on my MSP for...
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    LinuxRacr's 2013 - 2014 New Build Thread...

    Yup photobucket sure shat the bed.. Glad to hear you still have the car, hope to see some action soon!!
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    2003.5 MSP Instrument Cluster

    03.5 Cluster with 18x,xxx KMS on the odometer. It is in good condition and functioning before removal. $120 USD shipped
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    2015 Build Thread

    That has got to be one of the cleanest undercarriages ever!
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    1988 323 Station Wagon, KLG4 swap build

    Sweet cars man and nice work! Makes me miss my old 323 turbo.. Glad to hear nobody got seriously hurt in the crash.
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    Sway Bar Brackets

    I have some out of the box, un-used CR3 rear sway bar brackets with energy suspension bushings for sale. Bushings are 20mm. SOLD
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    Kartboy Short Shifter - Protege,P5,MSP,MP3

    I have a Kartboy short shifter for sale. Discontinued long ago, mileage is unknown and it works flawlessly. $100usd shipped
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    2015 Build Thread

    Incredible work man, you never fail to impress!!
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    AAC/Wilwood Big Brake Kit

    This is the AAC/Wilwood big brake kit for the Protege/P5/MP3. It comes with 4-piston Wilwood calipers, Wilwood street pads, AAC custom brackets and rotor hats, Coleman rotors, and Goodridge stainless braided lines. I have about 30,000kms on this setup and it's way overkill for me. You'll notice...
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    Focus Adjustable Cam Gears

    These are stock 1.8/2.0L protege cam gears modified to be adjustable. They will allow one to set the cams for a desired power curve in the rpm range. I put about 14,000kms on them and had no issues, they work as intended and are in great condition. $100usd shipped
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    Focus Adjustable Cam Gears

    As the title states, in good condition. $100us shipped.
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    LinuxRacr's 2013 - 2014 New Build Thread...

    Damn, those gears look sick! Good thing you got the trans apart before something catastrophic happened.
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    LinuxRacr's 2013 - 2014 New Build Thread...

    Clearance looks minimal between the fan shroud and turbo compressor housing. Does anything touch? My gt28 barely fits in there.
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    LinuxRacr's 2013 - 2014 New Build Thread...

    Have you had a chance to push that precision turbo yet? I've been eyeing it up for awhile now and can't find much feeback online.