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    Turbo oil return question

    Drill and tap the main bearing support plate in the same spot where the msp return fitting would be. You can use a 90 degree fitting, 1/2 npt to 5/8 hose barb. My buddies turbo P5 was same way and it worked fine.
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    It was a rewarding feeling to have the car perform so well after all these years and countless hours spent making everything work. Fuel mileage has been exceptional as well averaging about 600km per tank!
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    With racing being canceled this year thanks to the 'C-19 response' I had to get some fun in before the weather turns. Got some new tires and took the MSP on it's longest trip yet.. Drove a little over 1400 kilometres past Wells Gray Park and back. I was hoping to see some epic mountain views...
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    Haltech PS1000, J&S Safeguard

    I'm still here. Thread got locked by accident and then I forgot to reply. Lowest I'll go is $300 shipped, let me know if you're still interested.
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    WTB: Looking for Transmission saver bracket

    Check if you haven't already.
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    Ohh yeeeaaahhh! Build

    Very nice work!
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    Hammo's Build

    Awesome build!
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    No, it just didn't make it into the pics. Using the one included with the Perrin kit which bolts to the same location but is designed to accommodate the larger core.
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    Poll: What's the main reason you became a Mazdas247 Member?

    Here since '08, I've learned a ton and enjoyed following all the exciting builds over the years. Thanks to all the people who keep the community alive and thanks M247! Forums > social media
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    Pulled front bumper to install a side mount license plate bracket and clean up the old Perrin fmic, it was looking pretty weathered.
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    MP3 GTX3076r Gen2 Built Top Bottom and Trans

    Deadly build! Thanks for posting, cant wait to see more!
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    Disassembled all four coil connectors and low and behold, 2 pins with failed crimps! The wire was snug but if you lightly tugged while holding the pin it would move slightly. Heat and vibrations would definitely cause the connection to break. Luckily I had some spares left over to replace them...
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    That would be quite a hassle right now lol.
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    If I decide to upgrade this winter, mine will go for sale.
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    bwalt's MSP build log

    Here's some cylinder head shots for you guys back when I first got it. Custom Supertech valves +2.5mm intake, +3.4mm exhaust Custom COMP single valve springs 82lb rate Full port and polish including combustion chambers and all factory casting slag removed Way over kill for a street car barely...