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    NC MX-5 Radio Antenna Upgrade Options?

    tried a stubby on my 2006 - reception suffered - went back to regular antenna
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    Poll: Who has a CX-5 and a Miata?

    2006 MX-5 and 2013 CX-5
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    Rear door when hauling large items

    I have had my CX-5 since August, 2012 and only noticed a few weeks ago, when I wanted to haul a small tree home that there are no tie-down hooks on the rear door. I could not find any way to tie the door down when hauling oversized items. This is my 5th SUV and the first one that did not have...
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    Engine racing when braking

    Hello all, The last few weeks I've noticed that sometimes when I am braking to slow down the car to make a turn, it seems and sounds like the engine is racing as if I had it in neutral and was putting my foot on the gas. This is a 2013 automatic touring in Drive. Has anyone else noticed...
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    Best wax/sealant for Siver CX 5

    Can anyone tell me what they have found as the best wax or sealant or best combination of products for the Liquid Silver metallic CX 5. I used Meguiars and Klasse products in the past on our red cars and they looked great but neither of them seem to make the silver pop the way I would like.
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    MPH and MPG and average temperature

    Fuelly has a list of C-5 getting some great mileage numbers and I realize that throughout all of the counties where our Mazda CX 5's are being driven there are many different terrains and variables. I thought it might be interesting to look at the correlation between the average miles...
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    Rear seat release / oil changes etc.

    Hello all, I want to get some information and some opinions I took my car to the local Mazda dealer - the one I purchased it from is about 45 minutes away but depending on your responses, I may make the trip and give them a try next. I had three things on my list -- change...
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    Helping the transmission shift?

    I've noticed when I drive my 2013 CX 5 AWD and am starting out from a stop that the mpg reading is very low which i realize is normal. As I accelerate with the speed increasing I can feel the transmission starting to shift so I take my foot off the gas a little and the mpg reading goes up. Are...
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    Brand of gas and fuel mileage

    Has anyone found a difference in their gas mileage caused by the brand of gas they are using? I am not real happy with my gas mileage right now -- averaging about 24 with 40% highway, 60% city and the dealer tells me that the two causes are the winter blend gasoline and also warned only to use...
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    Mazda CX-5 Headlights

    Sorry I can't help you with your question but I am interested in the answer too since you are having trouble getting the headlights out. I have the touring model with the basic halogen lights and I want to upgrade them to a better quality light -I was wondering if anyone did this and if they had...