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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    Sorry for the confusion, yes the new engine was manufactured on December 3 2020. My car was made in May of 2016.
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    The head gasket was the problem, however Mazda replaced the entire engine because it was still under warranty. (Dec 2020 engine). I love this car. So I hope it was a first run problem.
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    SNOW, TCS, and AWD System

    I replaced the Falkens 6 months in with some Michelin premier ltx all seasons (great handling, poor tread life) and I’ve done fine, with some lite off roading as well (TCS OFF). Although, that black ice is a little tricky.
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    Hey guys, So I dropped off the CX9 today and this is a known issue (2016 model years). The service assistant confirmed this, even before I took in the car. Once the car was inspected, they determined a new engine would be required. However, they are in back order and I’ll get more information...
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    Hey guys, This weekend the CX-9 started leaking and burning coolant. I took a look at the engine bay and I couldn’t find a leak around the any of the hoses. However, it seems to be leaking from the firewall side. I’ve made an appointment with the dealer, for this coming Saturday. I’ve been...
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    Are the CX-9 OEM brake pads ceramic or semi-metallic?

    I too switched to ceramics and the power was worst. I’ll be switching back to semi-metallics.
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    Looking at new tires

    Not sure, I got them in 2018. They replaced the O.E Falkens after 12,000. Those Falkens were not good, the compound was too hard.
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    Looking at new tires

    I would recommend the Michelin Premier LTX. They have awesome grip and perform great in the snow.
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    2016~2021 A/T Tires 255/70r18 (32s) or 265/65r18 (31.5)

    Yeah, I’m trying to squeeze the biggest tire possible. I haven’t seen anyone on here with anything bigger than 30”.
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    2016~2021 A/T Tires 255/70r18 (32s) or 265/65r18 (31.5)

    Hi everyone, I’m thinking of buying stock 18” rims for some A/T tires, looking at 255/70r18 and 265/65r18. I was wondering if anyone here had this setup. Any input would be welcomed. 2016 Signature current setup Stock 20” Michelin premier LTX 255/50
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    Spied: 2017 Mazda CX-9

    I saw a soul red this morning, it looked like a sport trim. It did have LED headlights no DLR. also the wheels looked small probably the 18s. Michigan plates
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    H&R and Shocks

    Hello people, I was wondering what shocks would pair well with H&R springs. I have close to 30k on the O.E.M shocks but wanted to replace them when i got the new springs.