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    What have you done to your Miata today?

    Took her to the beach.
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    NB MX-5 Hey, it's Minnie!

    Oh my! Lot of work!
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    ND MX-5 Mark’s 2016 ND Build

    Well after a trip to KY, for a wedding...Robin and I landed in NC. We had Christmas with the grandkids through sliding patio door. My daughter and her husband are both recovering from Covid....didn’t want to take any chances! Left for Daytona Beach Wednesday morning and arrived at our vaca spot...
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    NB MX-5 Hey, it's Minnie!

    This is a great read! Like a good book, you don’t want it to end! 😉
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    ND MX-5 Mark’s 2016 ND Build

    Thanks Bruce! Hey, did you get the raccoon mess fixed?
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    ND MX-5 Mark’s 2016 ND Build

    Well most everything worked out! 🙏 one of my son in law’s, the one I live with tested negative! Great News ! On the other NC front, my daughter and her husband tested positive 😔. My daughter is doing fine, her sense of smell and taste is just starting to come back. Her husband still doesn’t fell...
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    NB MX-5 Hey, it's Minnie!

    Came out great! Man, I’m tired just reading all the work you’ve done to this beauty! 👍
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    NEMOC Random BS Thread

    Ok then no need to post on the Mazda forum? 😉 what are you driving?
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    NEMOC Random BS Thread

    So when’s the meet Kyle?🤣