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    Federal vs ulev emissions?

    I have a 2019 and I looked at the sticker, and mine is California compliant. It has ever only been in Wisconsin. This leads me to assume that the 2nd gens are all the same.
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    Some beginner CX-9 questions about the car

    Where did you find this setting? What year do you have? I was able to change the default for the front camera (just press and hold the big dial on the view you want) but for the reverse it does not work.
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    Some beginner CX-9 questions about the car

    1. Press down on the dial when the reverse cam is shown and it will switch to a split view with the 360 camera. 2. See above. 3. You can't lock the car with a fob inside, even if you use the other fob. It will beep at you continuously. Read your owner's manual, 3 of the 4 questions you asked...
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    list of gripes about 2019 GT

    You CAN have the fob be programmed to your seat settings. With the engine running and the gear in park, press the SET button on the seat and then press the unlock button on your fob. The hazard lights will flash twice to confirm. Now every time you unlock the car (via fob or door handle button)...
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    Another remote starter thread

    The website says trunk/hatch release is not supported, so you'd have to use your OEM fob for that.
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    Another remote starter thread

    Check which specific model of the Compustar unit you are getting. It supports takeover function if it is the FT-D3C-LC per this website.
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    A few new 2019 CX-9 owner questions

    Do not get the Mazda Mobile Start. It is inferior to aftermarket remote starts, and the app is very slow and clunky (unless they already updated it). It does not have a takeover function, meaning when you open the door after remote starting the car, the engine will shut off. Get a Fortin...
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    '18 CX-9 and Fortin Remote Car Starter...Success!

    No, it won't be a problem and it's easily reversible. You just need to unplug the unit and reconnect the plugs to their original configuration.
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    2016~2020 What to Do? Brake Fluid Reservoir Overfilled and Puddle on Garage Floor

    You should have cleaned it as soon as possible, and that's because brake fluid will eat thru paint given enough time. Best you can do now is clean the area as good as possible with soap and water.
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    2018 CX-9 GT - Serious Brake Fade

    Start with pads and slotted rotors, no need for a BBK set up when you only subject the car to such conditions every so often. Slotted rotors might reduce bite tho, but the added surface area will theoretically shed more heat faster. Also just use engine braking a lot. My 2019 on radar cruise...
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    CX9 Overall Reliability and Owner Satisfaction

    Nah the Auto Hold is different from Hill Launch Assist. Auto Hold will hold your brakes after you come to a stop even if you remove your foot from the pedal. Then you just have to step on the gas when it's time to go. It's actually sort of built in already with the CX-9. Once you come to a...
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    CX9 Overall Reliability and Owner Satisfaction

    I've had my 2019 CX-9 since February of this year and I'm almost up to 25k miles. No problems yet. We've taken it camping, and drove it to DC, NJ, MN from WI and a few times. It's been a great car, super comfortable and reliable (so far). The only issue I've had is a dead battery but that's due...
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    Fog lights decorative piece?

    I have yellow tinted fogs, so this could help you visualize how the foglights light the front. Do note that the tints possibly reduced the light output to some degree.
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    Any Word on the 2020 CX-9 Changes?

    A few walk around videos just dropped on YouTube. I gotta say, I'm disappointed on a few things. Mazda kept the old keyless entry with the buttons on the door handles, and the infotainment software is the same as the 2019s. I expected both of them to be updated similar to the 2019 Mazda3s.
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    Any Word on the 2020 CX-9 Changes?

    Not odd for manufacturers to skip auto shows, there's a lot of them after all. I've been going to the Chicago Auto Show every year and this year BMW was not present.