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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Bose subwoofer improvement

    Thank you gentlemen. this was an awesome mod...Bass seems tighter and mids/highs are more distinguishable. Highly recommended. Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Bose subwoofer improvement

    I bought the JL Audio Dual 8" subwoofer to compensate for the anemic Bose subwoofer. When I get the time I will try this Mod and reconnect it. Thanks Sm1ke, you're a plethora of information (rockon)... Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    Ensure the USB Stick is Fat32, and nothing else is on it, or use a different brand USB... Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    New CX-9, All Good...Except the seats

    Just a quick thought about the seats, Mazda's are designed by the Japanese, which by nature/culture, have smaller human body frames. I wonder if that has anything to do with the seat design. Just a thought to ponder. Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    2019 CX9 Car Wash, Anything I need to know? or to disable?

    I turn off the Parking sensor, it's more of an annoyance than anything else... Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    New CX-9, All Good...Except the seats

    I'm 6"1" 225Lb and initially I found the seats very uncomfortable, however after a few months of break-in I now find them much more comfortable, IMHO. Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Hello BorisovQW...FYI, iPhone iOS 13 beta, provides a more positive experience with ACP. I cannot speak on AA. Peace and blessings, Azekecse
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    If memory serves me correctly each SD card is specifically linked to the vehicle. Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    Siri always brings up Apple maps instead of Google maps

    I know with iOS 13 beta, via Siri, you can say something like Navigate to Pizza using Google Maps. Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Nice Sm1ke, I love the footprint...Does it have a Bluetooth app? I usually forget that I have that option, since I have it mounted next to the steering wheel. The PC made a significant difference while our family was traveling in the mountains, esp., passing trucks on two lane highways. I was...
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    CX-5 Android Auto / Apple CarPlay

    The new iOS 13 public/dev beta provides more information to ACP, including dual screens for music with album art and navigation, and other information, very impressive, IMHO, of course your YMMV. Peace and blessings...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Sm1ke, you know what they say...Buy cheap, buy twice, buy once cry once. (cabpatch) On a secondary note, I got my Compustar 4905S and T-12 remote installed, probably could have used the 3000ft that came with the kit, but I wanted more distance and the LCD Display and 2-2way remotes. Also, got...
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    CX-9 GT Remote starter - worth it ?

    I purchased the Compustar 4905s kit, idata Mazda harness, and the Compustar T-12 remote for longer range. Free installation is included via Best Buy purchase, install to be performed this Thursday. I*m excited never had remote start, those who have it, say they can*t do without now. I will post...
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    2016~2021 New CX-9 Touring 2019 - Interior noises - Please Help

    Check your sunglass holder and remove them if present, then test again...Hope this helps. Peace and blessings, Azeke
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    Power Commander PC41 w/ BT for Madza CX

    I work remotely for the most part, however I'll see what I can do. Peace and blessings, Azeke