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Recent content by avuong

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    FS: Tokico Illuminas and H&R Springs and KYB strut mounts

    Hello everybody; Selling a set of four Tokico Illumina Adjustable Struts, H&R Racing Springs, and KYB strut mounts. Had them on my MSP for about 5k miles, and decided to go with BC Coilovers; so now i'm selling these. The Illuminas are pretty scratched up from installation. One of the red...
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    How To: Ebay FMIC

    Alright awesome. Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it. Glad to know there are still people with knowledge on this car!
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    How To: Ebay FMIC

    Thank you for the reply! New question: For the BOV/BPV dual setup; I want to do the following: 1) Place the bov after the turbo on the hot pipe. *I'll need a pipe with a nipple for the bov on the hot pipe. 2) Place the bpv on the cold pipe. *I'll need a pipe with a nipple for the bpv to go from...
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    How To: Ebay FMIC

    If I wanted to run a FMIC with bpv setup, where do I route the vaccuum hose that goes from bpv to coldpipe(?)?